Successful completion of an Engineering Certificate is included on transcripts. Note that no course counted for degree credit can be counted for more than one minor or certificate.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Global Engineering is open to Engineering students interested in developing their knowledge of global issues and how engineers can influence and improve conditions around the world. The courses focus on a variety of concepts such as effects of emerging and appropriate technologies in both developed and developing economies, global energy systems, innovative finance techniques, current theories in international development and foreign aid. All undergraduate Engineering students are eligible to participate in this certificate. Students who complete the requirements of the Certificate in Global Engineering are considered University of Toronto Global Scholars.

The requirements for the Certificate in Global Engineering in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering are the successful completion of the following courses:

Courses   Lect. Lab. Tut. Wgt.
Choose two of:          
APS299Y0: Summer Research Abroad Y - 7 - 1.00
APS510H1: Innovative Technologies and Organizations in Global Energy Systems F 3 - 1 0.50
APS530H1: Appropriate Technology & Design for Global Development S 3 - - 0.50
APS420H1: Technology, Engineering and Global Development S 3 - - 0.50
Global Engineering themed capstone (APS490Y, ECE496Y, MIE490Y, CIV498H) as approved by the Director of the Centre for Global Engineering F/S/Y       0.00
Choose one of:          
APS330H1: Interdisciplinary Studies for Sustainability & Innovation W 3 - - 0.50
ANT204H1 (formerly ANT204Y1): Anthropology of the Contemporary World F - - - 0.50
ENV333H1: Ecological Worldviews F - - - 0.50
GGR112H1: Geographies of Globalization, Development and Inequality F - - - 0.50
JGU216H1: Globalization and Urban Change S - - - 0.50
POL201H1: Politics of Development Y - - - 0.50
POL208H1: Introduction to International Relations Y - - - 0.50
CDN268H1 (formerly UNI268H1): Canada and Globalization S - - - 0.50


If a student is pursuing both the Certificate in Global Engineering and either the Sustainable Energy Minor or the Environmental Engineering Minor, the courses listed above can only be counted towards either the certificate or the minor, not both, unless they taken as Extra credits or not being counted towards degree requirements.