Fees and Expenses

Tuition Fees

Method of Payment

Students will receive detailed instructions regarding fee payments before the start of the Fall Term. Fee information is also available at Student Accounts.

Official Registration

A minimum first installment of tuition fees posted in ACORN must be paid or deferred by the August deadline as listed in the Sessional Dates section of the Academic Calendar and the Current Engineering Undergraduates website.

A student’s registration is not complete until they have paid the minimum tuition and incidental fees listed in their ACORN invoice or have made appropriate arrangements to defer those fees. 

Students who defer their tuition are responsible for payment of all charges, including any service charges that may be incurred.   

Once a student has successfully paid the minimum tuition fee or deferred their tuition, they will be registered, securing their course enrolments. If a student does not pay or defer their tuition fees by the posted deadline, their course(s) will be removed from their ACORN timetable and they will no longer be registered. Requests for reinstatement into courses that have been removed are subject to late registration fees and course availability. 

Students have the option to pay fees on a sessional basis — Fall and Winter terms together — or by term (separate Fall and Winter term payments). Students must pay the "Minimum Payment to Register" amount displayed on their current term ACORN invoice.

Verify Registration Status

Students can confirm that they have successfully registered for the term through ACORN. If their status is listed as "Registered in the "Registration" section of ACORN for the current term, payment has been processed and registration is complete.

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) Deferrals

Students in financial need may apply for OSAP online or through their home Province for financial aid. More information is available on the University Registrar's Office website. If a student has been approved for funding, they may be eligible to defer their fees provided that there are no outstanding fees from a previous session. Once fees are successfully deferred, the student's registration status in ACORN will display as "Registered." 

Outstanding Balances

Students are not permitted to register in a new academic session with a previous debt. All fees are posted to your account in ACORN. 

The outstanding balance of the account is subject to a monthly service charge of 1.5% compounded (19.56% per annum). Each student is responsible for additional interest charges incurred for payments processed after deadlines have passed. More information is posted on the Student Accounts website.

All payments are applied to outstanding charges from previous sessions first, then to the current session. Fees and other charges outlined in this Calendar are subject to change by Governing Council.


Fees Schedule

The most current fee schedule is available on the Student Accounts website. New fee schedules are published annually in July. Questions about the fee schedule should be directed to Student Accounts


Other Fees

Professional Experience Year Co-op Program (PEY Co-op) fee. 
Subject to annual approval. Visit engineeringcareers.utoronto.ca for details.
Note: Fee is paid gradually as registered PEY Co-op students progress through the program.

Copy of documents in student information file (other than transcript).$16.25
Copy of examination paper, per paper (non-refundable).
Visit undergrad.engineering.utoronto.ca for applicable deadlines. 
Final examination re-grade, per course
Visit undergrad.engineering.utoronto.ca for applicable deadlines.
Note: The fee is refunded if an error is found.
Letter of Permission.*$42
Final mark re-check, per course
Visit undergrad.engineering.utoronto.ca for applicable deadlines.
Note: The fee is refunded if an error is found.
Re-enrolment application.$26.50
Registration letter.* $11.25
         Each additional copy. $0.50 
Special student application, per submission.$94
Student Card replacement.
TCard replacements can be obtained from the TCard Office. Bring a photo ID.
Transcript request, per copy.
Processed by U of T Transcript Centre (UTTC)
Students can order their transcripts in ACORN.*

Please note that fees are subject to annual increases.

*Under the University of Toronto policy, transcripts, letters of permission and registration letters cannot be issued by fax.


Refund Schedule

Students who withdraw from the University (see section below regarding withdrawal penalty) may be eligible for a fee refund depending on the date of withdrawal from the institution. Further information about refund schedules can be found on the Student Accounts website.



Late Registration Reinstatement Fee


Academic Sanctions

The following academic sanctions will be imposed on students who have outstanding University obligations:

  1. Transcripts of academic records will not be issued.
  2. Registration will be refused to a continuing or returning student.
  3. Diplomas will be withheld for students graduating with outstanding fees. 

An outstanding University obligation includes:

  • Tuition fees 
  • Academic and other incidental fees 
  • Residence fees and other residence charges 
  • Library fines 
  • Bookstore accounts 
  • Health Service accounts 
  • Unreturned or damaged instruments, materials and equipment 
  • Orders for the restitution of property or the payment of damages and fines imposed under the Code of Student Conduct


Students Registered with Accessibility Services

Students with a documented permanent disability who are required to take a reduced course load as a learning accommodation will be billed per-course fees if the reduced course load is less than 5.0 credits in the combined Fall and Winter Sessions. The fee schedule is posted online at Student Accounts. Information on Accessibility Services is available online