Overview of the Faculty

The Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering

Administrative Officers

Office of The Dean

Dean: Chris Yip, BASc, PhD, FEIC, FAAAS, PEng
Vice-Dean, Undergraduate: Thomas Coyle, BSc, BA, ScD 
Vice-Dean, Graduate Studies: Julie Audet, BSc, MSc, PhD
Vice-Dean, Research (Acting): Stark Draper, BA, BS, PhD
Vice-Dean, First Year: Dawn Kilkenny, PhD
Vice-Dean, Strategic: Heather MacLean, BEng, MBA, MSc, PhD, PEng
Associate Dean, Cross-Disciplinary Programs: Dionne Aleman, PhD, PEng
Director, Office of the Dean: Nefeteria Wickham, BSc, MSc, MBA
Chief Administrative Officer: Lisa Camilleri, BA

Faculty Chairs & Directors

Chair, Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering: Markus Bussmann, BASc, MASc, PhD, PEng
Director, Institute of Biomedical Engineering: Milos Popovic, BSc, MSc, PhD
Director, Division of Engineering Science: Natalie Enright Jerger, BSc-Ce, MSc, PhD, PEng
Director, University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies: Christopher J. Damaren, BASc, MASc, PhD
Director, Institute for Studies in Transdisciplinary Engineering Education & Practice (Acting): Greg Jamieson, PhD, PEng
Chair, Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry: Ramin Farnood, BASc, MASc, PhD
Chair, Department of Materials Science & Engineering: Glenn Hibbard, BSc, PhD, PEng
Chair, The Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering: Deepa Kundur, BASc, MASc, PhD 
Chair, Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering: Marianne Hatzopoulou, BSc, MSc, PhD

Office of the Registrar

Faculty Registrar: Helen Bright, BA (Hons), MISt
Associate Registrar, Director of Admissions: Sherry Lin, BSc (Hons), MEd
Associate Registrar, Student Services & Records: Khuong Doan, BSc
Associate Registrar, Information Systems: Dan Pettigrew, BASc
Associate Registrar, Special Projects & Director, Academic Scheduling: Zeeshan Rayees, BSc (Hons)
Assistant Registrar, Scholarships & Financial Aid: Pierina Filippone
Assistant Registrar, Scheduling & Business Analyst: Vacant
Director, First Year Office: Leslie Grife, MEd
Director, Engineering Recruitment & Retention Office: Ingrid Schvarczkopf, BA (Hons) 

Engineering Computing Facilities (ECF)

Director: Phil Poulos, BSc, MSc

Engineering Career Centre (ECC)

Executive Director: Roger Francis, BA, MA
Director, Employer Relations: Anna Maria Russo, MA
Director, Student Development & Career Programming: Phanindra Deonandan, BEd, BA, MPA
Manager, Operations: Christine Cerullo, BA, BEd, MA

Advancement Office

Executive Director, Advancement: Mark Rittinger, BBA
Director, Alumni Relations: Sonia De Buglio, BASc, MASc
Manager, Alumni Relations: Shannon Osborne, BASc, MEd
Director, Development, Annual, Leadership & Planned Giving: Jenny Weatherholtz, BA
Associate Director, Development, Annual & Leadership Giving: Kristin Philpot, BA
Director, Development, Major & Principal Gifts: Adria Miller, BAH
Director, Advancement Communications, Marketing & Engagement: Christine Bezruki, BA, MA
Director, Operations: Alex Basen, MLIS
Associate Director, Research & Analytics: Adam Fox


An Overview

Founded in 1873, the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering community includes 5,872 undergraduate students, 2,997 graduate students, 279 professors, 420 administrative and technical staff and more than 50,000 alumni worldwide.

Our graduates have pursued careers in all engineering fields throughout Canada and the world. They contribute towards resource industries, manufacturing, transportation, communications, as well as law, finance and health care systems. Skule alumni are employed by governments, private enterprises and throughout our educational system. Many have become leaders in major corporations, businesses and develop new companies as technological entrepreneurs.


Programs of Study

The Faculty offers a wide range of undergraduate and post-graduate studies in engineering. Students will qualify for the Bachelor of Applied Science degree (BASc) in any one of the following programs:

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering  
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Materials Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Lassonde Mineral Engineering

Students enrolled in Engineering Science will qualify for the Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering Science (BASc in Engineering Science) in one of the following majors:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Biomedical Systems Engineering
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Energy Systems Engineering
  • Engineering Mathematics, Statistics & Finance
  • Engineering Physics
  • Machine Intelligence
  • Robotics Engineering

Curricula for all programs of study are set out in detail in the Curriculum and Programs section of this calendar.


Faculty Structure

Most of Engineering's undergraduate students' teaching is provided by 279 professors across the Faculty's five departments and three institutes: the departments of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry, Civil & Mineral Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies, Institute of Biomedical Engineering, and Institute for Studies in Transdisciplinary Engineering Education & Practice.

The Faculty is fortunate to be part of a great University that provides access to a vast range of resources. The departments of Computer Science, English, Earth Sciences, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy and Physics — all in the Faculty of Arts & Science — make important contributions to the Engineering curriculum. 

The Engineering Alumni Association, which all graduates belong to, supports the ongoing work of the Faculty, and, through representative membership on the Faculty Council, participates in governance. The buildings of the Faculty are located primarily at the south end of the University's St. George campus.

The Faculty's decanal offices are located in the Bahen Centre for Information Technology, University of Toronto, 44 St. George Street. Students seeking information about any aspect of study in the Faculty are encouraged to contact the Office of the Registrar.


Engineering Society

Every U of T Engineering undergraduate is a member of the Engineering Society. Founded in 1885, the Society is the oldest formal Engineering organization in Canada. Together with its constituent Discipline Clubs (one for each program), the Society plans and operates many student activities and services. It is the focal point for the traditional Skule™ spirit that exists among Engineering students — the envy of other groups in the University. This sense of spirit and community continues throughout our graduates' professional careers. The Society oversees Engineering clubs and design teams, commercial operations such as the Engineering Stores, and deals with matters of policy relating to student academic affairs and has representation on Faculty Council and its Standing Committees.


Engineering Computing Facility (ECF)

The Engineering Computing Facility (ECF) provides a variety of computing services for teaching, learning and research within the Faculty, as well as offering support for departmental computers and computer communication throughout the Faculty. ECF has networks of computing systems accessible from hundreds of terminals. Every undergraduate and graduate student in the Faculty is entitled to an ECF account. The intention is to have the computing system used as often as the student requires it in their studies, just as one might use a library or other communal resource. Normally, students access their ECF accounts through workstations on campus.

There are two major components to ECF: general Linux and Windows environments. The general purpose Linux machines consist of 185 workstations that run Linux. All of these systems are networked and share files (using NFS). They are also connected to the campus backbone network, and thereby, to the Internet. This provides students with electronic mail and electronic file transfer capabilities, as well as access to remote sites such as supercomputer facilities. 

The ECF Windows environment is composed of 247 workstations for CAD and general applications that run Windows 10. The ECF Windows servers also support labs in Civil & Mineral, Lassonde Institute of Mining, Mechanical & Industrial, Chemical, Materials Science, Engineering Science, Electrical & Computer Engineering and Aerospace. ECF also maintains Linux and Windows multiprocessor workstations as well as a bank of remote access Windows workstations giving students the ability to work remotely.


Coordinated Bachelor/Master's Program

Students who intend to continue their studies to a Master’s degree after completion of the BASc program may pursue the Coordinated Bachelor/Master’s Program in the fourth year of the undergraduate curriculum. Departmental approval is required.

After completion of the BASc degree, and upon acceptance by the School of Graduate Studies, a student can extend the topic of their coordinated program thesis to a Master’s thesis, which is normally under the supervision of the same thesis advisor. This program permits a significant reduction in the time it would typically take a student to complete their Master’s degree requirements.

A student who wishes to enrol in a coordinated program thesis should consult the departmental graduate coordinators about the academic requirements for the MASc or MEng degrees and obtain approval from their thesis topic from the BASc Thesis Coordinator. The Thesis Coordinator will require assurance that the BASc thesis project provides a suitable preparation for the proposed MASc thesis or MEng project and that satisfactory arrangements have been made for the supervision of both the coordinated program thesis and the proposed Master’s program.


Graduate Study & Research

Beyond the undergraduate level, the Faculty has a strong commitment to graduate studies and research. Our graduate students work in an environment where innovation thrives and they play a vital role in ground-breaking research. 

The Faculty offers the following degrees at the graduate level: 

  • Master of Engineering (MEng): Professional degree in engineering with a number of emphasis options, including ELITE (Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Innovation & Technology in Engineering), Analytics, Advanced Soft Materials, Biomanufacturing, Robotics, Sustainable Energy, Advanced Manufacturing, Forensic Engineering, Identity, Privacy & Security, Aerial Robotics, Engineering & Globalization, Advanced Water Technologies and Waterpower. 
  • The Master of Engineering (MEng) in Biomedical Engineering focuses on the design and commercialization of biomedical devices.
  • Master of Engineering in Cities Engineering & Management (MEng C.E.M).
  • Master of Applied Science (MASc): Traditional, full-time, research-intensive Master's degree.
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): Highest degree in engineering.
  • Both the MASc and PhD degrees have the option to pursue a Collaborative Specialization in Engineering Education, Psychology, Psychiatry and Engineering, Neuromodulation and Robotics.

For further information, visit gradstudies.engineering.utoronto.ca.


Non-Degree Students

An individual who wishes to enrol as a non-degree student (not proceeding to a degree) should consult the Engineering Undergraduate Admissions Office at 416-978-0120 regarding admission requirements and the procedure for application.

The deadlines for submitting applications are available on the Engineering Undergraduate Admissions Office website, and are as follows:

  •   Summer Session: March 1
  •   Fall Session: August 1
  •   Winter Session: November 1 

Fees must be paid by the deadline listed in the Calendar. Failure to pay by this date will result in the cancellation of registration.


Undergraduate Enrolment as of November 1, 2023

ProgramYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Total
Full-Time Enrolment     
Chemical Engineering144133135107519
Civil Engineering11610092104412
Computer Engineering198245229189861
Electrical Engineering134128110108480
Engineering Science2972452492301021
Industrial Engineering76112102109399
Lassonde Mineral Engineering2819141071
Materials Engineering58615243214
Mechanical Engineering157200195196748
Track One (General Engineering)157n/an/an/a184
Total: Full-time13921243117810964909
Part-Time Enrolment     
Chemical Engineering831719
Civil Engineering8511024
Computer Engineering51581846
Electrical Engineering1631626
Engineering Science1142531
Industrial Engineering1731021
Lassonde Mineral Engineering20013
Materials Engineering530210
Mechanical Engineering3451123
Track One (General Engineering)4n/an/an/a4
Total: Part-time384425100207
ProgramYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Total
Professional Experience Year Co-op011910041024
Total Undergraduates14301288122222006140


Academic Staff of the Faculty

Aerospace Science & Engineering

C. J. Damaren, BASc, MASc, PhD, FCASI, AFAIAA, PEng. J. Armand Bombardier Foundation Chair in Aerospace Flight

Professor & Associate Director
P. Lavoie, BSc (Queen’s), MSc (Queen’s), PhD (Newcastle), AFAIAA, PEng, Percy Edward Hart Professor in Aerospace Engineering

Associate Professor & Associate Director
C. A. Steeves, BA, BASc (UBC), PhD (Cantab), PEng

Professors Emeriti
J. D. DeLaurier, BS (Illinois), MS (Stanford), PhD (Stanford)
J. B. French, BASc, MSc (Birmingham) PhD, FRSC, FCASI, FRSA, PEng, Member of Order of Canada
J. J. Gottlieb, BSc, MSc (Saskatchewan), PhD, FCASI, PEng
J. S. Hansen, BASc, MASc, PhD (Waterloo), PEng
G. W. Johnston, BASc, MASc, PhD, FCASI
L. D. Reid, BASc, MASc, PhD, FCASI, FAIAA, PEng
P. C. Stangeby, BSc, MSc, DIPL-SCI, DPhil (Oxon), FAPS, FRSC
P. A. Sullivan, BE (NSW), ME (NSW), DIC, PhD (London), FCASI, PEng
R. C. Tennyson, BASc, MASc, PhD, FCASI, PEng

Titled Professors
O. L. Gulder, BSc (METU), MSc (METU), PhD (Manchester), AFAIAA, FCAE, FCI, J. Armand Bombardier Foundation Chair in Aerospace Flight
D. W. Zingg, BASc, MASc, PhD, FCASI, AFAIAA, FCAE, PEng, U of T Distinguished Professor of Computational Aerodynamics & Sustainable Aviation

Titled Associate Professors
J. Kelly, BSc (Alberta), MSc (Alberta), MS (USC), PhD (USC), Tier II Canada Research Chair in Collaborative Robotics

T. D. Barfoot, BASc, PhD, PEng 
G. M. T. D’Eleuterio, BASc, MASc, PhD
H. H. T. Liu, BSc (Shanghai), MSc (Beijing), PhD, FCAE, FEIC, FCSME, AFCASI, AFAIAA, PEng
P. B. Nair, B. Tech. (IIT Bombay), MTech (IIT Bombay), PhD (Southhampton)
S. L. Waslander, BScE (Queen’s), MS (Stanford), PhD (Stanford)

Associate Professors
S. Chaudhuri, BE (Jadavpur), PhD (Connecticut)
A. Ekmekci, BS (Istanbul Tech), MS (Lehigh), PhD (Lehigh)
P. R. Grant, BASc (Manitoba), MASc, PhD, PEng
A. P. Schoellig, MSc (Georgia Tech), Dipl. in Eng. (Stuttgart), PhD (ETH Zürich)
C. A. Steeves, BA, BASc (UBC), PhD (Cantab), PEng
M. Yano, BS (Georgia Tech), SM (MIT), PhD (MIT)

Professors, Teaching Stream
J. W. Davis, BASc, MASc, PhD, PEng

Associate Professors, Teaching Stream
M. R. Emami, BSc (Sharif), MSc (Sharif),PhD, PEng

Associate Professors, Teaching Stream
M. Hooper, BASc, MS (CalTech), PhD (CalTech)
P. E. Seiler, Dipl.-Ing. (TU Braunschweig), Dr.-Ing. (TU Braunschweig)

Associate Professor & Director, Space Flight Laboratory
R. Zee, BASc (Waterloo), MASc, PhD

Assistant Professors, Status Only
B. C. Haycock, BSc (Queen’s), MASc, PhD, PEng

Adjunct Professors
K. A. Carroll, BASc, MASc, PhD
C. S. Dickinson, BSc, PhD (Dalhousie)
J. D. Elder, BASc, MASc, PhD, PEng
M. Hou, MASc (Harbin), PhD
F. Liu, BSc (Tsinghua), PhD (Sheffield)
C. Ower, BASc, MASc, PhD (Carleton)
C. Sallaberger, BASc (Waterloo), MSc (Berkley), PhD

Special Lecturers
S.C. Armstrong, BSc (Westminster), MA (Toronto)

Cross Appointment (Assistant Professor)
S.V. Hum, BSc (Calgary), MSc (Calgary), PhD (Calgary), PEng, Eugene V. Polistuk Chair in Electromagnetic Design at the University of Toronto
F. Shkurti, PhD (McGill)


Biomedical Engineering

Professor & Director of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (BME)
M. Popovic, BSc (Yugoslavia), MSc, PhD (Toronto), Toronto Rehabilitation Institute 

Professor & Associate Director, Graduate Studies, BME
H. L. Cheng, BSc (Calgary), MSc (Calgary), PhD (Toronto), PEng, ECE, Hospital for Sick Children

Associate Professor & Associate Director, Professional Program, BME
P. Yoo, PhD, PEng

Associate Professor & Associate Director, Diversity and Inclusion, BME
P. M. Gilbert, BS (Haverford), PhD (Pennsylvania), Donnelly Centre, Canada Research Chair

Professor & Associate Director, Scientific, BME
C. Simmons, BSc (Guelph), SM (MIT), PhD (Toronto), PEng, MIE, Dentistry, TBEP, Scientific Director

Professors Emerti
R. S. C. Cobbold, BSc (London), MSc (Saskatchewan), PhD (Saskatchewan), FRSC, ECE
A. M. Dolan, BSc (Saskatchewan), MSc (Missouri)
R. C. Frecker, BSc (MEM), MD (Dalhousie), PhD (Toronto), ECE
M. Milner, PhD (WITS), DSc (Queen's). PEng, CCE, MARS Institute
K. H. Norwich, MD, BSc, MSc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), Physiology
R. Pilliar, BASc (Toronto), PhD (Leeds), PEng, Dentistry
J.E. Davies, BSc (Cardiff), BDS (Wales), PhD (London), DSc (London)

J. Audet, PhD, PEng, Vice Dean, Graduate Studies (FASE)
B. Bardakjian, BSc (Alexandria), BEd (Toronto), MASc (Toronto), PhD (McMaster), PEng, Toronto Western Hospital (Investigator), ECE
W. Chan, BSc (Illinois-Urbana Champaign), PhD (Indiana University), FAIMBE, ChemE, CHM, MSE, Donnelly Centre for Cellular & Biomolecular Research
T. Chau, BASc (Toronto), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Waterloo), PEng, Director, Bloorview Research Institute, ECE, Department of Rehabilitation Science, Neuroscience, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute
H. L. Cheng, BSc (Calgary), MSc (Calgary), PhD (Toronto), PEng, ECE, Hospital for Sick Children
R. Fernandez-Gonzalez, BSc (Madrid), PhD (Berkeley), Sick Kids, Adjunct Scientist, CSB, TBEP
G. R. Fernie, BSc (Sussex), PhD (Strathclyde), MIMECHE, CEng, PEng, CCE, Surgery, MIE
M. D. Grynpas, MSc (Licence, Brussels), PhD (London), Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology
R.A. Kandel, MD, Materials Engineering, Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology
A. McGuigan, MEng (Oxford), PhD (Toronto), Post-Doc (Harvard, Stanford), ChemE, Applied Chemistry
A. Mihailidis, PhD, PEng, Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, KITE Institute, Senior Scientist & Research Chair, Computer Science, Rehabilitation Science 
M. Popovic, BSc (Yugoslavia), MSc, PhD (Toronto), Toronto Rehabilitation Institute
M. Radisic, PhD, FAIMBE, FCAE, PEng, Toronto General, Senior Scientist, ChemE
J. P. Santerre, BSc (Dalhousie), MSc (UNB), PhD (McMaster), Dentistry, ChemE, MSE
M. Sefton, ScD, FAAAS, FAIMBE, FCIC, FBSE, FRSC, PEng, Toronto General, Scientist, Donnelly Centre, MbD Executive Director, ChemEng
M. Shoichet, OC, OOnt, PhD, FAAAS, FAIMBE, FBSE, FCAHS, FCAE, FRSC, FTERM, Chemistry, Donnelly Centre, IMS; Associate Chair, Graduate Studies, ChemE
C. Simmons, BSc (Guelph), SM (MIT), PhD (Toronto), PEng, MIE, Dentistry, TBEP, Scientific Director
E. D. Sone, BSc (Toronto), MS (Northwestern), PhD, (Northwestern), PEng, MSE, Dentistry
D. A. Steinman, BASc (Toronto), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), PEng, MIE
C. M. Yip, BASc (Toronto), PhD (Minnesota), PEng, ChemE, Faculty Dean, Biochemistry
L. You, BSc, MSc (Peking), PhD (New York), Post-Doc (Stanford), PEng, MIE
A. Wheeler, BSc (Furman), PhD (Stanford), ChemE, Donnelly Centre for Cellular & Biomolecular Research
C. Whyne, BSc (Queen's), PhD (Berkeley), Surgery, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Associate Professors
J. Andrysek, BSc (Guelph), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Utrecht), PEng, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
E. Biddiss, BASc, (Toronto), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), Rehabilitation Sciences, Bloorview 
P. M. Gilbert, BS (Haverford), PhD (Pennsylvania), Donnelly Centre, Canada Research Chair
A. Kushki, BASc (Toronto), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
O. Levi, BSc (Jerusalem), MSc (Hebrew), PhD (Jerusalem), ECE
K. Masani, BEd (Tokyo), MEd (Tokyo), PhD (Tokyo), KITE Institute, Senior Scientist 
N. Matsuura, BSc Eng, MScEng (Queen's), PhD (Toronto), PEng, MSE, Medical Imaging 
J. Rocheleau, BSc (Windsor), PhD (Western), Medicine; Physiology, Associate Professor, Toronto General, Senior Scientist
K. Truong , BASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), PEng, ECE
P. Yoo, BASc (Toronto), MSc (USC), PhD (Case Western Reserve), Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, Affiliate Scientist, ECE
J. Zariffa, BEng (McGill), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), PEng, KITE Institute, Scientist, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, ECE

Associate Professors, Teaching Stream
C. Bouwmeester, BSc, PhD (Calgary), PEng, ISTEP
D. Kilkenny, BSc (Western), PhD (Western), Vice-Dean, First Year, FASE; ISTEP; Banting and Best Diabetes Centre

Assistant Professors
A. Aung, PhD (MIT)
L. Chou, BASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto)  
D. Franklin, BSc, PhD, Ted Rogers Chair in Cardiovascular Engineering
M. Garton, PhD (Nottingham)
L. Kahrs, PhD (Toronto)
O. Khan, PhD, MbD, Investigator
F. Lan, PhD (UC Berkeley)
C. Maikawa, BASc (Toronto), PhD (Stanford)

Cross-Appointed Academic Staff
C. Amon, ScD (MIT), FAAAS, FASEE, FASME, FIEEE, PE (VA), NAE, Dean Emerita, U of T Engineering, Alumni Chair Professor of Bioengineering
D. Beal, PhD, Reg. CASLPO, CCC-SLP, Holland Bloorview, Clinician Scientist, Rehabilitation Sciences Institute, Assistant Professor
J. Cafazzo, BASc (Toronto), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), PEng, Centre for Global eHealth, University Health Network, Health Policy, Management & Evaluation
P. Carlen, MD (Toronto), FRCPC, Division of Neurology, Physiology, University Health Network
K. Carneiro, PhD, Dentistry, Assistant Professor
J. Chen, PhD, Rotman Research Institute (Baycrest), Senior Scientist, Medical Biophysics, Associate Professor
D. Cheyne, BSc (Waterloo), MA (Simon Fraser), PhD (Simon Fraser), Medical Imaging, SickKids Research Institute
C. Chow, MD, FRCPC, PhD, Scientist, Toronto General Research Institute, Associate Professor, Department of Medicine (status only), Division of Occupational and Environmental Health, Chemical Engineering, Institute for Medical Sciences
J. Chung, MD, MSc, FRCSC, Cardiovascular Surgeon, Toronto General Hospital, Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery
C. Coolens, MSc, (Ghent), MSc (University College London), PhD (London), Radiation Oncology, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre & University Health Network
E. Diller, PhD, PEng, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
J. Drake, BS (Princeton), MBBCH (Dublin), MSc, FRCS, Surgery, Hospital for Sick Children
T. Dutta, BASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), MIE, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute
A. Fekr, PhD, TRI (KITE), Affiliate Scientist/Scientific Associate, BME, Assistant Professor
J. Fialkov, MD, FRCSC, Sunnybrook, Head/Staff Surgeon/Associate Scientist, Surgery, Associate Professor (Clinical)
Y. Finer, BSc (Hebrew), DMD (Hebrew), PhD (Toronto), MSc (Toronto), Dentistry
B. Ganss, BSc (Wurzburg), MSc (Regensburg), PhD (Regensburg), Dentistry
K. Gordon, PhD, CCC-A, Reg. CASLPO, Hospital for Sick Children, Senior Scientist, Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, Professor
J. Griffiths, PhD, Scientist, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry
F. Gu, PhD, Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, Professor
A. Guenther, MSc (Hanover), PhD (ETH Zurich), MIE
A.M. Guerguerian, MD (Montreal), Post-Doc (Johns Hopkins), SickKids Research Institute (Investigator)
M. Haider, MD, FRCPC, Sunnybrook, Senior Scientist, Medical Imaging, Professor
B. Hatton, BSc Eng (Queen's), MEng (McMaster), PhD (Toronto), MSE
B. Hinz, BSc, MSc, PhD (Bonn), Dentistry, Surgery
K. Hynynen, BS (Kuopio), MSc (Kuopio), PhD (Aberdeen), Medical Biophysics, Canada Research Chair in Imaging Systems & Image Guided Therapy, Sunnybrook Research Institute
G. Ibrahim, MD, PhD, FRSCS, Sick Kids, Surgeon/Scientist, Surgery, Assistant Professor
A. Keating, BSc (Ottawa), MD (Ottawa), Hematology; Gloria & Seymour Epstein Chair in Cell Therapy & Transplantation, University Health Network
S. Keshavjee, BA (Toronto), MD (Toronto), MASc (Toronto), Surgery, University Health Network
S. Khan, PhD, TRI (KITE), Scientist, BME, Assistant Professor
E. Kumacheva, BS (Technical University), MSc (Leningrad), PhD (Moscow), Chemistry
D. Kumbhare, MD, PhD, FRCPC, FAAPMR, TRI (KITE), Affiliate Scientist, Medicine, Associate Professor (tenured), IHPME & Kinesiology and Phys Ed, Associate Professor
M. Laflamme, MD, PhD (Toronto), General, Senior Scientist, LMP, Associate Professor (Clinician)
M. Lankarany, PhD, (Toronto), Western (Krembil), Scientist, BME, Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology, Assistant Professor (status only)
R. Li, MD (Harbin), MHSc (Shanxi), MSc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), Surgery, Laboratory Medicine, Medical Science, St. Michael’s Hospital
B. Li, PhD (MIT), Pharmacy, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University Health Network
X. Liu, PhD, Peng, MIE, Associate Professor
R. Mahadevan, BTech. (Indian Institute of Technology), PhD (Delaware), ChemE
A. Mandelis, BS, (Yale), MA (Princeton), MSE (Princeton), PhD (Princeton), MIE, ECE
C. Marquez Chin, Scientist, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute (KITE, UHN), BME, Assistant Professor
L. Milosevic, PhD, Krembil Research Institute, Scientist, BME, Assistant Professor
J. Moffat, PhD, Donnelly Centre, Professor (tenured), Molecular Genetics, Professor (tenured)
J. Mogk, PhD, Research Scientist, Autodesk Canada
J.R. Montenegro Burke, PhD, Assistant Professor, Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research
C. Morshead, BScH (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), TRI (KITE), Affiliate Scientist, Surgery,Professor (tenured), Donnelly Centre; Rehabilitation Sciences Institute, Professor
H.E. Naguib, BSc (Alexandria), MEng (Egypt), PhD (Toronto), MechE
J. Parker, BSc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), MBioteach Department of Biology
D. Pedolsky, BSc (Western), BESc (Western), MD (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), FRCSC (Toronto), Fellowship (Washington), SickKids Research Institute
S. Prescott, BSc (McGill), MSc (McGill), MD CM PhD (McGill), Physiology
E. Schemitsch, MD (Toronto), FRCSC, Surgery, St. Michael's Hospital
Y. Sun, MS (Minnesota), PhD (Minnesota), MIE, ECE, Canada Research Chair in Micro & Nano Engineering Systems
B. Taati, PhD, Peng, Computer Science, Assistant Professor (status), TRI (KITE), Scientist
P. Trbovich, BA (Ottawa), MA (Carleton), PhD (Carleton), Toronto General Hospital
P. Triverio, PhD, FAAAS, SMIEEE, PEng, ECE, Associate Professor (tenured)
K. Tsoi, BASc, MD, PhD, FRCSC, Assistant Professor, Mount Sinai Hospital
T. Valiante, BSc (Toronto), MD (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), Toronto Western Hospital (Krembil), Scientist/Surgeon
S. Vasconcelos, BS (Rio de Janeiro), PhD (Alabama), Toronto General Research Institute, LMP, Associate Professor, Surgery, Associate Professor
S. Viswanathan, BASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), University Health Network, Cell Therapy
T. Waddell, MD, MSc, PhD, FRCSC, FACS, Senior Scientist, Toronto General Research Institute, Professor, Department of Surgery
R. Weersink, BSc (Western), PhD (Toronto), MCCPM, Department of Radiation Oncology, Techna (UHN)
W. Wong, PhD, ECE, Associate Professor
A. Yadollahi, BSc (Sharif), MSc (Sharif), PhD (Manitoba), Toronto Rehabilitation Institute
K. Yasufuku, MD (Chiba), PhD (Chiba), Surgery, Toronto General Hospital, Hospital for Sick Children
A. Yee, MD (Toronto), MSc (Toronto), Surgery, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
E. Young, BASc (British Columbia), MASc (British Columbia), PhD (Toronto), MIE
G. Zheng, BS (China), PhD (SUNY), Medical Biophysics, Joey and Toby Tanenbaum/Brazilian Ball Chair in Prostate Cancer Research, Ontario Cancer Institute
A. Zilman, BASc (Tel-Aviv), MSc (Weizmann Institute of Science), PhD (Weizmann Institute of Science), Physics
C. Zrenner, BA MA, (Cambridge), MD (Germany), Clinician Scientist, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health 


Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry

Professor & Chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry
R. Farnood, BASc, MASc (Sharif), PhD (Toronto)

Professor & Associate Chair, Continuing Professional Development and Interim Associate Chair, Graduate Studies
C.Q. Jia, BEng, MEng (Chongqing), PhD (McMaster), PEng

Professor & Associate Chair, Undergraduate Curriculum Development
W. Cluett, BSc (Queen’s), PhD (Alberta), PEng

Associate Professor, Teaching Stream & Associate Chair, Undergraduate Student Experience
J. Farmer, PhD (York)

Professor & Associate Chair, Research
Y.H.Chin, PhD (UC Berkeley)

Professors Emeriti
S. T. Balke, BEng (RMC), PhD (McMaster), PEng
D. Barham, BScEng, DIC, ARSM, PhD (London)
D. G. B. Boocock, BSc, ARCS, CIC, PhD (London), DIC
W. H. Burgess, BChE, MFS, PhD (Cornell), PEng
M. E. Charles, BSc (London), MSc, PhD (Alberta), FCIC, FCAE, Peng
Y.L. Cheng, S.B.., S.M (MIT), PhD (Stanford)
L. L. Diosady, BASc, MASc, PhD (Toronto), FCIC, PEng, CEng
F. R. Foulkes, BASc, MASc, PhD (Toronto), PEng
M. Kawaji, BASc (Toronto), MSc, PhD (Berkeley), FASME, PEeng
M. Kortschot, BASc, MASc (Toronto), PhD (Cambridge), PEng
D. Mackay, BSc, ARCST, PhD (Glasgow), FCIC, PEng
C.A. Mims, BS (Texas), PhD (Berkeley)
G. Norval, BASc, MASc, PhD (Toronto), Peng, FCIC
J.C. Paradi, BASc, MASc, PhD (Toronto), FCAE, PEng
M.J. Phillips, BASc (Toronto), MA (Bryn Mawr), PhD (Johns Hopkins), FCIC, PEng
D. Reeve, BSc (UBC), MSc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto)
H.N. Tran, BSc, MEng (Shizuoka), PhD (Toronto), PEng
O. Trass, BSE (Princeton), ScD (MIT), FCIC, PEng

University Professors
E.A. Edwards, BEng, MEng, (McGill), PhD (Stanford), PEng
M. V. Sefton, BASc (Toronto), ScD (MIT), PEng, 
M. S. Shoichet, BSc (MIT), MSc, PhD (Massachusetts), Michael E. Charles Chair in Chemical Engineering

Titled Professor
C.M. Yip, BASc (Toronto), PhD (Minnesota), PEng

E. Acosta, PhD (Oklahoma), PEng
D.G. Allen, BASc, MASc (Toronto), PhD (Waterloo), FCIC, FAAAS, PEng
G. Azimi (ChemE/MSE), BASc, MASc (Shariff, University of Technology), PhD (Toronto), Post-Doc (MIT), PEng
T. Bender, BSc, PhD (Carleton)
Y.-H. Chin, BSc (Oklahoma), MSc (Oklahoma), PhD (UC Berkeley)
W. Cluett, BSc (Queen’s), PhD (Alberta), PEng
G. Evans, BASc, MASc, PhD, PEng, FCAE, FAAAS
R. Farnood, BASc, MASc (Sharif), PhD (Toronto)
F. Gu, PhD (Queen’s), Postdoc (MIT-Harvard)
C.Q. Jia, BEng, MEng (Chongqing), PhD (McMaster), PEng
D. Kirk, BASc, MASc, PhD, PEng
Y.A. Lawryshyn, BASc, MASc, PhD (Toronto), MBA (Ivey/Western), FinEng-Dipl. (Schulich/York), PEng
R. Mahadevan, BTech (Indian Institute of Technology), PhD (Delaware)
E. Master, BSc (McGill), PhD (UBC), Post-doc., KTH, Stockholm Sweden
A. McGuigan, MEng (Oxford), PhD (Toronto), Post-Doc (Harvard, Stanford)
R. Newman, MA, PhD (Cambridge), DSc, CEng, FECS, FIMMM, FNACE, FICorr (Hon)
V. Papangelakis, Dipl. Eng. (Athens), MEng, PhD (McGill), PEng, FCIM, FCAE
M. Radisic, BEng McMaster University (1999), PhD MIT (2004), Post-doc Harvard-MIT Division of Health Science and Technology (2005)
A. Ramchandran B.Chem.Eng (Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai), PhD (University of Notre Dame)
B. Saville, BSc, PhD (Alberta), PEng
N. Yan, BEng, (Southeast), PhD (Toronto), PEng, FEIC
C. Yip, BASc (Toronto), PhD (Minnesota), PEng

Associate Professors
A. Chan, teching stream, PhD (Queen's), PEng
A. Chan, BS (Pennsylvania), MS, PhD (CIT)
J. Farmer, teaching stream, PhD (York)
J. Howe, PhD (Alfred University)
E. Passeport, MSc (National Institute of Applied Sciences, Toulouse), MSc, (AgroParisTech), PhD (AgroParisTech)

Assistant Professors
N. DeMartini, PhD
D. Galatro, Teaching Stream, MSc (UNEXPO), PhD (Toronto)
C. Lawson, BASc, MASc (UBC), PhD (Wisconsin), Post-doc (Berkeley Lab)
S.M. Moosavi, BSc (Sharif), MSc, PhD (EPFL)
N. Weckman, BASc (Waterloo), ME (McGill), PhD (Cambridge), Post-Doc (Harvard)
J. Werber, BSc (Washington Univ. St. Louis), MSc, PhD (Yale), Post-doc (Minnesota)

Cross-Appointed Professors
C. Allen, BSc (Ottawa), PhD (McGill), Pharmacy
A. Aspuru-Guzik, BSc (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México), PhD (Berkeley), AM (Harvard), Chemistry, CompSci
J. Audet, BSc, BASc, MASc (Laval), PhD (UBC), BME
W.C.W. Chan, PhD, BSc (Illinois), PhD (Indiana), BME
C.W. Chow, MD (Toronto), Dalla Lana, Medicine
B. Cox, B.A., PhD (Cambridge), MSE
M.L. Diamond, PhD (Toronto), Earth Science
A. Edwards, BSc (McGill), PhD (McGill), Structural Genomics Consortium
R. Fulthorpe, BSc (Carleton), MSc (Toronto), PhD, Botany
C. Goh, BS (University of the Philippines), PhD (UCLA), Chemistry, Medicine, Monk School, MSE
D.F. James, BSc, MA, MS, PhD (Toronto), MIE
E. Kumacheva, FRSC, Chemistry
H. MacLean, BEng (CE) (Dalhousie/TUNS), MBA (St. Mary's), MSc (Carnegie Mellon), PhD (Carnegie Mellon), P.Eng, CivMin
E. Moore, BSc (Queen's), DPhil (Oxford) Troost ILead
C. Rottmann, BS (McMaster), BE (Toronto), MA (Toronto), PhD (Toronto)
M. Sain, PhD, Drhc, FRSC (UK), FCAE, PEng MIE
J.P. Santerre, BSc (Dalhousie), MScE (UNB), PhD, Dentistry
D. Seferos, BS (Western Washington), PhD (California), Chemistry
B. Sherwood Lollar, CC, FRSC, Earth Science
M.J. Thomson, BEng (McGill), MSc, PhD (Berkeley, California), MIE
S. Thorpe, BASc, M.A.Sc., PhD (Toronto), MSE
H. Tran, BS (UC Berkley), PhD (Columbia), Chemistry
F. Wania, Geook (Bayreuth, German), PhD, Physical Sciences
M. Winnik, BA (Yale), PhD (Columbia), Chemistry

Adjunct Professors/Lecturers
H. Beller, BA (Wesleyan), MS (Oregon State), PhD (Stanford), Adjunct Professor
G. Crooks, BESc (Western), MEng (Western), Adjunct Lecturer
E. Galarneau, BEng (McGill), MEng (McGill), PhD (Toronto), Adjunct Professor
R. Goacher, BSc (Principia College), PhD (State University of New York), Adjunct Professor
S. Gong, BASc (Central South Univ. of Technol, China), MASc (Chinese Acad. of Sci), MASc, PhD, Adjunct Professor
H.D. Goodfellow, BASc, MASc, PhD (Toronto), PEng, Adjunct Professor
N. G. H. Guilford, BSc (Leeds), MEng (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), Adjunct Professor
A. Jones, BASc, MASc (Toronto), PhD (Inst. Paper Chemistry), Adjunct Professor
P. Kondos, DipEng (National Technical Insitute of Athens), MEng (McGill), PhD (McGill), Adjunct Professor
E. Krause, PhD (Waterloo), Adjunct Professor
V. Mannar, MS (Northwestern), Adjunct Professor
T. Mao, BASc (Beijing), MASc, PhD (Toronto), Adjunct Professor
T. McAlary, BASc, MSc, CUT, PhD (Waterloo), Adjunct Professor
M. Saban, PhD (Belgrade), Adjunct Lecturer
R. Shenassa, PhD (Toronto), Adjunct Professor
R. Sinukoff, PhD (Toronto), Adjunct Lecturer
R. Sodhi, BSc (Reading, UK), MSc (Alberta), PhD (UBC), Adjunct Professor
T.R. Stuthridge, BSc, MSc, DPhil (Waikato), Adjunct Professor
G. Wealthall, MSc (Reading), PhD (Sheffield), Adjunct Professor


Civil & Mineral Engineering

Professor & Chair
M. Hatzopoulou, BSc (Lebanon), MSc (Lebanon), PhD (Toronto), Canada Research Chair in Transportation & Air Quality

Professor & Associate Chair (Undergraduate Studies)
E. C. Bentz, BASc (Waterloo), PhD
J. P. Harrison, BSc Eng (London), MSc (London), PhD (London), CEng, MICE, FGS, W. M. Keck Chair of Engineering Rock Mechanics (Lassonde Mineral Engineering)

Professor & Associate Chair (Graduate Studies)
O. Kwon, BS, MS (Hanyang), MS, PhD (Illinois-UC)

Professor & Associate Chair, Research
M. J. Roorda, BEng Soc (MCM), MASc, PhD, PEng, Canada Research Chair in Freight Transportation & Logistics 

Professors Emeriti
B. J. Adams, BSc (CE) (Manitoba), MS (Northwestern), PhD (Northwestern), FCSCE, FEIC, FCAE, PEng
W. F. Bawden, BSc (Queen's), MSc (Illinois), PhD, PEng
P. C. Birkemoe, BScE (Purdue), MScE (Purdue), PhD (Illinois), PEng
P. H. Byer, SB (MIT), SM (MIT), PhD (MIT), PEng
J. H. Curran, BASc, MASc, PhD (California), PEng
E. Hauer, BSc, MSc (Technion), PhD (California), PEng
G. W. Heinke, BASc, MASc, PhD (MCM), FCSCE, PEng
R. D. Hooton, BASc, MASc, PhD (McMaster), FACI, FASTM, FA CerS PEng, NSERC/Cement Association of Canada Research Chair in Concrete Durability & Sustainability
B. Y. McCabe, BASc, FCSCE, PEng
B. Mohanty, BSc, MTech (IIT Kharghapur), MA, PhD, PEng
K. D. Pressnail, BASc, LLB, MASc, PhD
K. A. Selby, BASc, MBA, PhD (Illinois), PEng
R. M. Soberman, BSc (Dalhousie), SM (MIT), PhD (MIT), PEng
G. N. Steuart, BSc (Saskatchewan), MSc (California), PhD (California), PEng
J. Timusk, BASc, MASc, PhD (London), PEng
G.T. Will, BASc, MASc, PEng
C. E. Wrenshall, BE (Saskatchewan), PEng
P. M. Wright, BE (Saskatchewan), MSc (Saskatchewan), PhD (Colorado), FEIC, FCSCE
W. H. Vanderburg, BASc (Waterloo), MASc (Waterloo), PhD (Waterloo), PEng
F. J. Vecchio, BASc, MASc, PhD, PEng  
P. Young, BSc (London), MSc (Newcastle), Cert Ed (London), PhD (CNAA), CEng

Emeritus University Professor
M. P. Collins, BE (Canterbury), PhD (NSW), FACI, FCSCE, PEng

Titled Professors
R. C. Andrews, BASc (Regina), MASc (Alberta), PhD (Alberta), PEng, NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Drinking Water Research
C. Christopoulos, BIng (Ecole Polytechnique), MASc (Ecole Polytechnique), PhD (California), PEng, Canada Research Chair in Seismic Resilience of Infrastructure
G. Grasselli, MSc (UNIPR-Italy), MSc (EPFL-ETH Zurich), PhD (EPFL), PEng, NSERC-Energi Simulation IRC in Fundamental Rock Physics and Rock Mechanics
J. Hadjigeorgiou, BASc (Ottawa), MEng (McGill), PhD (McGill), PEng, FCIM, ICDD, Pierre Lassonde Chair in Mining Engineering
R. Hofmann, BEng (Concordia), MASc (Western), PhD (McMaster), PEng NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Technologies for Drinking Water Treatment
B. W. Karney, BASc, MEng, PhD (British Columbia), PEng, 
H. L. MacLean, BASc (Nova Scotia), MASc (Carnegie Mellon), PhD (Carnegie Mellon), PEng, FCSCE, Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Systems and Technology Assessment
D. K. Panesar, BEng (McMaster), MASc (Western Ontario), PhD (McMaster), PEng, Hart Professor in Civil Engineering
A. S. Shalaby, BSc (Ain Shams), MASc, PhD, PEng (Civil Engineering), Bahen-Tanenbaum Chair in Civil Engineering
J. Siegel, BS, MS, PhD, Bahen-Tanenbaum Chair in Civil Engineering
L. Warren, B.Sc (Toronto), Ph.D. (Toronto), Claudette MacKay-Lassonde Chair in Mineral Engineering

Titled Associate Professors
K. Esmaeili, BSc (Iran), MSc (Tehran), PhD (Laval), PEng, Robert M.Smith Chair in Geotechnical Mine Design

B. Abdulhai, BSc (Cairo), MSc (Cairo), PhD (California Irvine), PEng
S. A. Andrews, BSc (Alberta), MSc (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)
T. E. El-Diraby, BSc (Zagazig), MSc (Zagazig), PhD (Texas-Austin), PEng
P. Gauvreau, BSc (Victoria), MSE (Princeton), DSc Tech (ETH Zurich), PEng
O. Mercan, BS (Bogazici), MS, PhD (Lehigh), PEng
E. J. Miller, BASc, MASc, PhD (MIT), Director, Cities Centre, University of Toronto
K. M. Nurul Habib, BSc (Bangladesh), MSc (Bangladesh), PhD, PEng
J. A. Packer, BE (Adelaide), MSc (Manchester), PhD (Nottingham), FICE, FA,
S. A. Sheikh, BSc Eng (Lahore), MASc, PhD, PEng
B. E. Sleep, BASc (Waterloo), MEng (Waterloo), PhD (Waterloo), PEng, FEIC, FCSCE

Associate Professors
M. Ghafghazi, MSc (Sharif), PhD (UC Davis), PEng
M. W. F. Grabinsky, BASc (British Columbia), MASc, PhD (Toronto), PEng
K. Peterson, BS (Minnesota), MS, PhD (Michigan Tech)
D. Posen, BSc (Princeton), MRes (Imperial), MSc (London School of Economics), PhD (Carnegie Mellon)
S. Saxe, BASc (McGill), MSc (MIT), PhD (Cambridge), PEng
M. Touchie, BASc, PhD (cross-appointed to MIE)

Assistant Professors
F. Azhari, MASc (UBC), MEng (California-Berkeley), PhD (UC Davis), PEng (cross-appointed to MIE)
M. Basheer, BSc (Sudan), MSc (Cologne University), PhD (Manchester)
S. Goodfellow, BASc (UBC), MASc (Toronto); PhD (Toronto)
S. Haines, BASc (Ohio), MASc (Ohio), PhD (Ohio)
H. Ibrahim, M.Sc (Colorado), PhD (MIT)
K. Kim, MASc (Yonsei), MASc (Michigan), PhD (Michigan)
S. Lee, BASc (Yonsei), MASc (Yonsei), PhD (Purdue)
D. Meyer, BASc (Toronto), MS (MIT), PhD (MIT) 
I. Ogunsanya, BSc (Lagos), MASc (Waterloo), PhD (Waterloo), PEng
A. Rezai Rad, MSc (Tehran Polytech), PhD (EPFL)

Adjunct & Status-Only Professors
P. Cadario, BASc, MA, BA
A. Chong, BA, MA
M. Julien, BEng, BSc, MSc, PhD
M. Seica, DIPING, PhD
J.R. Bolton, BA, MA (Saskatchewan), PhD (Cambridge)
M. Pierce, BSc, MSc (Queen's Mining), PhD (Australia), PEng
A. H. Hay, BSc (Edinburgh), MBE
I. Sinclair, Eurlng, MEng & Man, PEng
S. Saiyed, PhD, PEng
P. Berube, BASc (Toronto), MASc (Toronto), PhD (UBC)
G. M.Calvi, MSc (Berkeley), PhD
M. Krol, PhD (Toronto), PEng
M. Metcalfe, PhD (Stanford)
G. R. Carey, PhD (Guelph), PEng
D. Hoornweg, PhD, PEng
R. Legge, PhD (Waterloo)


Electrical & Computer Engineering

Professor & Chair of the Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
D. Kundur, BASc (Toronto), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), PEng, FIEEE, FCAE

Professor & Associate Chair, Graduate Studies
M. Mojahedi, BS (UNM), MS (UNM), PhD (UNM), PEng

Professor & Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies
A. Liscidini, Master Degree, PhD, (Pavia) 

Professor & Associate Chair, Research
B. Li, BE (Tsinghua), MS (UIUC), PhD (UIUC), PEng, Bell Canada Chair in Computer Engineering

University Professors
E.H. Sargent, BSc Eng (Queen’s), PhD (Toronto), PEng, FIEEE, University Professor, Canada Research Chair

University Professors Emeriti 
E. J. Davison, ARCT (Toronto), BASc (Toronto), MA (Toronto), PhD (Cambridge), ScD (Cambridge), FRSC, FCAE, FIEEE, PEng
C. A. T. Salama, BASc (UBC), MASc (UBC), PhD (UBC), FRSC, FCAE, FIEEE, PEng
W. M. Wonham, BEng (McGill), PhD (Cambridge), FIEEE, FRSC

Professors Emeriti
P. Anderson, BASc (Toronto), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), PEng
F. Blake, BASc (Queen’s), MASc (Princeton), PhD (Princeton), FRSC, FCAE, FIEEE, PEng
R. Bonert, Dipl Ing (Karlsruhe), D Ing (Karlsruhe), PEng
R. S .C. Cobbold, BSc (London), MSc (Saskatchewan), PhD (Saskatchewan), FRSC, BME
P.Chow, MASc and PhD (Toronto), FIEEE, FEIC, PEng
K. Iizuka, BE (Kyoto), ME (Kyoto), MS (Harvard), PhD (Harvard)
R. H. Kwong, SB (MIT), SM (MIT), PhD (MIT), PEng
I. McCausland, BA, BSc (QU Belfast), MSc (QU Belfast), PhD (Cambridge)
A. Semlyen, Dipl Eng (Rumania), PhD (Rumania), FIEEE
P. W. E. Smith, BSc (McGill), MSc (McGill), PhD (McGill), FOSA, FIEEE, PPhys
Z. G. Vranesic, BASc (Toronto), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), PEng
S. G. Zaky, BSc (Cairo), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), PEng
S. Zukotynski, Magister (Warsaw), PhD (Warsaw), PEng

Titled Professors
J. S. Aitchison, BSc (Heriot-Watt), PhD, F Inst P, (Heriot-Watt), PEng, Nortel Institute Chair in Emerging Technology
J. Anderson, BSc (Manitoba), MASc (Toronto), PhD, PEng (Toronto), Jeffrey Skoll Chair in Software Engineering
G. V. Eleftheriades, Dipl EE (National Technical University of Athens), MS (Michigan), PhD (Michigan), PEng, FIEEE, Canada Research Chair, Velma M. Rogers Graham Chair in Engineering at the University of Toronto
N. Enright Jerger, BSc-Ce (Purdue), MSc (Wisconsin-Madison), PhD (Wisconsin-Madison), PEng, Canada Research Chair
B. Frey, BSc (Calgary), MSc (Manitoba), PhD, FIEEE, Canada Research Chair, Edward S. Rogers Sr. Chair in Engineering at the University of Toronto
J.J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves, B.S. (Universidad Iberoamericano), M.S. (University of Hawaii), PhD (University of Hawaii), Canada Research Excellence Chair
S.V. Hum, BSc (Calgary), MSc (Calgary), PhD (Calgary), PEng, Eugene V. Polistuk Chair in Electromagnetic Design at the University of Toronto
H-A. Jacobsen, MASc (Karlsruhe), PhD (Humboldt), Peng, Jeffrey Skoll Chair in Computer Networks & Innovation
A. Khisti, BASc, MSc (MIT), PhD (MIT), Canada Research Chair
B. Liang, BS (Polytechnic University), MS (Polytechnic University), PhD (Cornell), PEng, L. Lau Chair in Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto
A. Moshovos, BSc (Crete), MSc (Crete), PhD (Wisconsin-Madison), Peng, Dusan & Anne Miklas Chair in Engineering Design
K. N. Plataniotis, BEng (Patras), MSEE (Florida Tech), PhD (Florida Tech), PEng, FIEEE, Bell Canada Chair in Multimedia at the University of Toronto
O. Trescases, BASc, MASc, PhD (Toronto), PEng, Canada Research Chair
P. Triverio, BSc, MEng, PhD (Politechnico Di Torino), PEng, Canada Research Chair
S. Valaee, BSc (Tehran), MSc (Tehran), PhD (McGill), Peng, Nortel Institute Chair in Network Architecture & Services
S. P. Voinigescu, MSc (Polytechnical Univ. Of Bucharest), PhD (Toronto), Stanley Ho Professorship in Microelectronics
W. Yu, BASc (Waterloo), MS (Stanford), PhD (Stanford), PEng, FIEEE, Canada Research Chair
D. Yuan, BE (Beihang), PhD (UIUC), PEng, Canada Research Chair

T. S. Abdelrahman, BSc (Kuwait), MSc, PhD (Michigan), PEng, Department of Computer Science
B. L. Bardakjian, BSc (Alexandria), BEd, MASc, PhD (McMaster), PEng, BME
V. Betz, BS (Manitoba), MS (UIUC), PhD (Toronto), PEng
M. Broucke, BSEE (Texas), MSEE (Berkeley), PhD (Berkeley), PEng
S. D. Brown, BSc Eng (UNB), MASc, PhD, PEng
A. Chan Carusone, BASc, PhD, PEng
M. Cheng, BSc, MSc (Calgary), PhD (Toronto), BME
F. P. Dawson, BSc, BASc, MASc, PhD (Toronto), FIEEE, PEng
S. Draper, BS EE, BA History (Stanford), MS, PhD (EECS, MIT), PEng
R. Genov, BS (Rochester Insitute of Technology), MSE (Johns Hopkins), PhD, (Johns Hopkins), PEng
P.G. Gulak, BASc (Windsor), MSc, PhD (Manitoba), PEng
D. Hatzinakos, Dipl Eng (Aristotelian), MASc (Ottawa), PhD (Northeastern), PEng
A.S. Helmy, BS (Cairo), MS (Glasgow), PhD (Glasgow), PEng
P. R. Herman, BEng (McMaster), MSc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), FOSA, PEng
M. R. Iravani, BSc (Tehran), MSc (Manitoba), PhD (Manitoba), FIEEE, PEng
D. A. Johns, BASc (Toronto), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), PEng, FIEEE, FCAE
N. P. Kherani, BASc (Toronto), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), PEng, MSE
F. R. Kschischang, BASc (UBC), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), FIEEE, PEng
P. Lehn, BSc (Manitoba), MSc (Manitoba), PhD (Toronto), PEng
A. Leon-Garcia, BSc, MS, PhD (USC), PEng, FIEEE, FCAE
D. Lie, BASc (Toronto), MS (Stanford), PhD (Stanford), PEng
J. Liebeherr, Dipl Inf (Erlangen-Nurnberg), PhD (Georgia), FIEEE, PEng
H.-K. Lo, BA (Cambridge), MS (CalTech), PhD (CalTech), PEng, Department of Physics
M. Maggiore, MS (Genoa), PhD (Ohio State), PEng
S. Mann, BS (McMaster), MEng (McMaster), PhD (MIT), PEng
A. I. Nachman, BSc (McGill), MA (Princeton), PhD (Princeton), PEng, Department of Mathematics
F. N. Najm, BE (AUB), MS (UIUC), PhD (UIUC), FIEEE, PEng, FCAE
W. T. Ng, BASc (Toronto), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), PEng
L. Pavel, Eng / ME (Technical University of Iasi), PhD (Queen’s), PEng
J. Poon, BASc (Toronto), MS (Caltech), PhD (Caltech), PEng
A. Prodic, B.S. (Univ. of Novi Sad), M.S. (Colorado), Ph.D. (Colorado), P.Eng.
L. Qian, BASc (Toronto), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), PEng
J. S. Rose, BASc, MASc, PhD (Toronto), FIEEE, PEng, FCAE
C. D. Sarris, Dipl. ECE (National Technical University of Athens), MSc (Michigan), PhD (Michigan)
A. Sheikholeslami, BSc (Shiraz), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), PEng
E. S. Sousa, BASc (Toronto), MASc (Toronto), PhD (USC), PEng, FIEEE 
M. Stumm, MS (Zurich), PhD (Zurich), PEng
A. Veneris, Dipl. CS&e (Patras), MSc (USC), PhD (UIUC), PEng
W. Wong, BSc (Toronto), MSc (Toronto),  PhD (Toronto), PEng

Associate Professors
P. Aarabi, BASc (Toronto), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Stanford), PEng
O. Levi, BSc (Jerusalem College of Technology), MSc, PhD, (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), BME
L. Scardovi, MSc, PhD (Genoa)
E. Sejdic, BESc, PhD (Western)
J. Tate, BS (Louisiana Tech), MS (UIUC), PhD (UIUC)
K. T. Truong, BASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), PEng, BME
P. Yoo, BASc (Toronto), MSc (USC), PhD (Case Western Reserve), PEng, BME

Assistant Professors
M. Chapman, BS (Stanford), MS (Stanford), PhD (Berkeley)
A. Hooshyar, BSc (Ifshan University of Technology), MSc, (Tehran) PhD (Waterloo)  
M. Jeffrey, BASc (Toronto), MASc (Toronto), PhD (MIT)
X. Liu, BEng (HIT), PhD (Penn)
N. Papernot, BS (École centrale de Lyon), MS, PhD (Penn State)
J. Simpson-Porco, BSc (Queen’s), PhD (UCSB)
S. Zhou, BS (Xi’an Jiaotong University), MS (Peking University), PhD (Carnegie Mellon)

Professor, Teaching Stream
M. Stickel, BASc (Toronto), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), PEng

Associate Professors, Teaching Stream
K. Phang, BASc (Toronto), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), PEng
H. Shokrollah-Timorabadi, BASc (Toronto), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), Peng
B. Wang, BASc (Toronto), MEng (Toronto), PEng

Assistant Professors, Teaching Stream
S. Emara, B.Sc (American University), PhD (Toronto)
J. Eyolfson, Bsc (Queen’s University), PhD (Waterloo) 
B. Korst, MEng (Carleton), BA (Calgary), MBA (Fundação Getulio Vargas), PEng

Cross-Appointed Academic Staff
P. Asare, BSE, MSE (Penn), PhD (Virginia), ISTEP
M. Chechik, BS (Maryland), MS, PhD (Maryland), Dept. of Computer Science
E. de Lara, BSc (Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey), MSc (Rice), PhD (Rice), Dept. of Computer Science
D. Franklin, BSc (Missouri S & T), PhD (UCF), BME
A. Goldenberg, PhD (Carnegie Mellon)
C-G. Lee, BS (Seoul National University), MS (KAIST), PhD (Michigan), MIE  
F. Long, BS (Tsinghua), PhD (MIT), Dept. of Computer Science
G. Pekhimenko, BSc (Moscow State), MSc (Toronto), PhD (Carnegie Mellon)
H. E. Ruda, BSc (London), ARSM, PhD (MIT), MSE
B. Schoeder, MSc (Saarlandes), PhD (Carnegie Mellon)
Y. Sun, BS (Dalian), MS (Chinese Academy of Science), MS (Minnesota), PhD (Minnesota), MIE

Adjunct Professors
T. Caldwell, BASc (Toronto), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto)
T. Ma, BASc (Toronto), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto)
I. Maljevic, BSc EE (Podgorica), MSc EE (Belgrade), PhD (Toronto)

Adjunct Lecturers
W. A. Chisholm, BASc (Toronto), MEng (Toronto), PhD (Waterloo)
C. Gibson, BASc (Toronto), MASc (Toronto)

Status-Only Professors
M. Al Janaideh, MASc (Concordia), PhD (Concordia)
M. Dong, BEng (Tsinghua), PhD (Cornell)
A. Eckford., BEng (Royal Military College), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto)
A. Huzayyin, BSc, MSc (Cairo University), PhD (Toronto)
A. Makhzani, BSc (Tehran), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto)
S. ShahbazPanahi, BSc, MSc, PhD (Sharif University of Technology, Iran)
M. Tavallaei, BSc (Urmia), MSc (University of Tabriz), PhD (Western)
J. Taylor, BS (Carnegie Mellon), SM, PhD (MIT)
A. Yadollahi, BSc (Sharif University of Technology), MSC (Sharif University of Technology), PhD (Manitoba)
J. Zariffa, BEng (McGill), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto)
K. Zukotynski, BASc, MD, PhD (Toronto)


Institute for Studies in Transdisciplinary Engineering Education & Practice

Professor and Director, ISTEP
G. Evans, BASc, MASc, PhD (Toronto), PEng, FCAE, FAAAS, FCEEA

Associate Professor, Teaching Stream & Associate Director, Undergraduate Studies
A. Chong, BA (SFU), MA (Queen’s), FCEEA, Director of the Engineering Communication Program

Associate Professor, Teaching Stream & Associate Director, Graduate Studies
L. Romkey, BS (Guelph), MA (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), FCEEA, Director of the Specialization in Engineering Education

Associate Professor & Associate Director, Research
E. Moore, BA (Queen's), PhD (Oxford), FCAE, Director of the Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering

Professors Emeriti
J.C. Paradi, BASc, MASc, PhD (Toronto), FCAE, PEng
P.E. Weiss, BA (UBC), MFA (UBC), PhD (Toronto)

Professors, Tenure Stream
G. Evans, BASc, MASc, PhD (Toronto), PEng, FCAE, FAAAS, FCEEA

Associate Professors, Teaching Stream
A. Chong, BA (SFU), MA (Queen’s), FCEEA
R. Irish, BA (Waterloo), MA (Dalhousie), PhD (Toronto)
E. Marzi, BA (Waterloo), BSc IT (St. Francis Xavier), MIR & MHRM (Toronto), PhD (Toronto)
L. Romkey, BS (Guelph), MA (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), FCEEA
K. Tallman, BA (NYU), MA (Toronto), PhD (Toronto)
D. Tihanyi, BA (York), MA (Alberta), PhD (Toronto), FCEEA
C. Variawa, BASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto)

Associate Professors, Tenure Stream
E. Moore, BA (Queen's), PhD (Oxford), FCAE
A. Olechowski, BSc (Queen's), MS (MIT), PhD (MIT)

Assistant Professors, Teaching Stream
P. Asare, BSE (Pennsylvania), MSE (Pennsylvania), PhD (Virginia)
S. Cohen, BS (Toronto), MSc (Toronto)
J. Lofgreen, BS (McGill), PhD (Toronto)
T. Nolan, BA (Loyola), MA (Toronto)
P. Sheridan, BASc (Toronto), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto)
L. Wilkinson, BA (Queen's), MA (Queen's), PhD (Toronto)

Assistant Professors, Tenure Stream
N. Weckman, BASc (Waterloo), ME (McGill), PhD (Cambridge)
D. Meyer, BASc (Toronto), MS (MIT), PhD (Toronto)
C. Rottmann, BS (McMaster), BE (Toronto), MA (Toronto), PhD (Toronto)

Assistant Professors, Teaching Stream, CLTA
F. Coll, BSc (Calgary), BA (McGill), MA (Western), PhD (Toronto)

Cross-Appointed Professors
J. Bazylak, BS (Saskatchewan), MEd (Toronto), FCEEA, MIE
C. Bouwmesster, BS (Calgary), PhD (Calgary), BME
A. Chan, BS (Queen's), MS (Queen's), PhD (Queen's), CHE
B. Karney, BS (Western), PhD (Western), BME
D. Kundur, BS (Toronto), MS (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), ECE
H. Maclean, BS (TUNS), MBA (Saint Mary's), MS (Carnegie Mellon), PhD (Carnegie Mellon), CME
S. McCahan, BS (Cornell), MS (Rensselaer), PhD (Rensselaer), FCEEA, MIE
D. Posen, BSc (Princeton), MRes (Imperial), MSc (London School of Economics), PhD (Carnegie Mellon), CIV
M. Stickel, BASc (Toronto), MS (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), ECE


Engineering Science

Director, Division of Engineering Science
N. Enright-Jerger, Professor, P.Eng., Canada Research Chair in Computer Architecture, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Associate Director, Curriculum, Division of Engineering Science
P. R. Grant, BASc (Manitoba), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), P.Eng., Associate Professor, Institute for Aerospace Studies 

Associate Director, Years 1 & 2, Division of Engineering Science
R. Irish, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, Engineering Communication Program

Associate Director, Years 3 & 4, Division of Engineering Science
A. Chan, BS (Pennsylvania), MS, PhD (CalTech), Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair, Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry

Chair, Aerospace Engineering Major 
A. Ekmeckci, BS (Instanbul Tech), MS, PhD (Lehigh), Associate Professor, Institute for Aerospace Studies 

Chair, Biomedical Systems Engineering Major 
L.Chou, Assistant Professor, Institute of Biomedical Engineering

Chair, Electrical & Computer Engineering Major 
J. Rose, PhD (Toronto), Professor, P.Eng., Electrical and Computer Engineering

Chair (Interim), Energy Systems Engineering Major 
A. Bilton, Associate Professor, P.Eng., Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Chair, Machine Intelligence Major 
K. Plataniotis, BEng (Patras), MS (FIT), PhD (FIT), P.Eng., Professor, ECE

Chair, Engineering Mathematics, Statistics & Finance Major 
R. H. Kwon, BA (Chicago), MS (Illinois), MS (Michigan), PhD (UPENN), LEL, Associate Professor, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Chair (Interim), Engineering Physics Major 
K. Walker, Professor, Department of Physics

Chair (Interim), Robotics Engineering Major 
J. Kelly, BS (Alberta), MS (SoCal & Alberta), PhD (USC), Assistant Professor, Institute for Aerospace Studies 


Materials Science and Engineering

Associate Professor & Acting Chair of the Department of Materials Science & Engineering
J. Howe, BASc, (Changsha Institute of Technology), MASc (Alfred University), PhD (Alfred University)

Associate Professor & Associate Chair, Graduate Studies
 B.D. Hatton, BScE (Queen's), MScE (McMaster), PhD

Associate Professor, Teaching Stream & Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies
S. Ramsay, BASc (UBC)  MSc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto)

Professor & Associate Chair, Research
C. V. Singh, BSc (Dayalbagh), MTech (IIS), PhD (Texas A & M), Associate Chair, Research

Professors Emeriti
S. A. Argyropoulos, Dipl Eng (Athens), MEng, PhD (MCG), FCAE, PEng
U. Erb, DIPL Ing, Dr.rer.nat (Saarland)
K. K. Lian, BASc, MASc, PhD 
A. McLean, BSc, PhD (Glasgow), ARCST, FCIM, FIBF, FIREFE, CEng., PEng
R. M. Pilliar, BASc, PhD (Leeds), PEng (Cross-appointed to Dentistry)
I. D. Sommerville, BSc, PhD (Strathclyde), ARCST
Z. Wang, BEng (Jiao-Tong), MSc, PhD (Polytechnic Institute of NYU)

Titled Professors
D. D. Perovic, BASc, MASc, PhD, FCAE, PEng, Celestica Chair in Materials for Microelectronics
H. E. Ruda, BSc (London), ARSM, PhD (MIT), FRSC, Stan L. Meek Chair in Advanced Nanotechnology

M. Barati, BSc, MSc (Isfahan), PhD (McMaster), PEng, Gerald R. Hefferan Chair in Materials Processing
J. Hattrick-Simpers, BSc (Rowan), PhD (Maryland)
G. Hibbard, BSc (Alberta), PhD, PEng
N. P. Kherani, BASc, MASc, PhD, PEng
Z. H. Lu, BSc (China), MSc, PhD, CRC Chair in Organic Optoelectronics
H. Naguib, BSc (Alexandria), MEng (Academy of Science & Technology, Egypt), PhD, FCMSE, FIMMM, CRC Chair in Smart & Functional Materials PEng
J. Nogami, BASc, MASc (Stanford), PhD (Stanford), FAAAS, PEng
E. D. Sone, BSc, MS, PhD (Northwestern)
S. J. Thorpe, BASc, MASc, PhD
A. von Lilienfeld, Diploma (ETH Zurich), PhD (EPFL), Clark Chair of Advanced Materials at the Vector Institute

Associate Professors
T. W. Coyle, BSc, BA (ALFRED), ScD (MIT)
N. Matsuura, BSc, MSc (Queen's), PhD, Medical Imaging

Assistant Professor
Y. Zou, BEng (Beihang) (Beijing Univ. of Aero & Astro), M.Eng. (McGill University), Dr.Sc. (ETH Zurich)
K. Huang, BS (China), PhD (Singapore)

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
Liyang Dai-Hattrick, BSc (Beijing), MASc (Maryland), PhD (Maryland)

Cross-Appointed Academic Staff
A. Aspuru-Guzik, BS (Mexico), PhD (California), Chemistry
T. P. Bender, BSc, PhD (Carleton), MCIC, MACS,ChemE
A. Bazylak, PhD, P.Eng., FCSME, FASME, MIE
A. Changoor, B.Sc., M.Sc. (Guelph), Ph.D. (Ecole Polytechnique), Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology
K. Golvin, BS (Cornell), PhD (Michigan), MIE
C. Goh, BS (Philippines), PhD (California), Chemistry
D. W. Kirk, BASc, MASc, PhD, PEng, ChemE
J. Lofgreen, BASc (McGill), PhD
D. Miller, BS (Manitoba), PhD (Stanford), Chemistry
R. C. Newman, BA (Cambridge), PhD (Cambridge), DSc (Manchester), ChemE
G. Ozin, BSc, DPhil, FRSC, FCIC, Chemistry
E. Sargent, BSc Eng (Queen’s), PhD (Toronto), PEng, FIEEE, Canada Research Chair, ECE

Adjunct & Status-Only Professors
T-Y. Chu, BS (Taiwan), MS (Taiwan), PhD (Taiwan)
P. De Luna, BS (Windsor), MS (Ottawa), PhD
N. Demarquette, Dipl. d’ingénieur (France), MEng (McGill), Ph.D. (McGill)
A. Forde, BASc (Toronto), MEng & MEEI (McMaster), PhD
E. Kim, BS (Guelph), PhD (MIT)
D. Kraemer, BASc, MSc, PhD
E. Moosavi-Khoonsari, BSc (Tehran), MASc (McGill), PhD (McGill)
S.Mostaghel, BSc (Iran), MSc (Sweden), PhD (Sweden)
G. Palumbo, BASc, MASc, PhD
J. Sengupta, BTech (India), MTech (India), PhD (UBC)
N. Singh, BHSc (McMaster), MD, MPH (Boston), PhD
L. Tafaghodi, BASc (Iran), MASc (Iran), MASc, PhD
Waspe, Adam, BASc (Windsor), PhD (Western)
J. Young, BASc, MSc


Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Professor & Chair, Department Of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
M. Bussmann, BASc (WAT), MASc (WAT), PhD (Toronto), PEng, FCSM

Professor & Associate Chair (Graduate Studies)
T. Filleter, BSc Eng. (Queen's), PhD (McGill)

Professor & Associate Chair (Undergraduate Studies)
M. Gruninger, BSc (Alberta), MSc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto)
Associate Professor & Associate Chair (Undergraduate Curriculum)
E. Young, BASc (Columbia), MASc (Columbia), PhD (Toronto)

Professor & Associate Chair, Research
A. Bazylak, BE(Saskatchewan), MASc (Victoria), PhD (Victoria), PEng

Professors Emeriti
A. A. Goldenberg, BSc, MSc (Technion), PhD (Toronto), CEng, FIEEE, FASME
D. F. James, BSc (QU), MS (Caltech), PhD (Caltech), MA (CANTAB), PEng
A. K. S. Jardine, BSc, MSc (Strathclyde), PhD (Birmingham), CEng, MI Mech E, MIEE, PEng
J. F. Keffer, BASc, MASc, PhD, PEng
V. Makis, MSc, PhD (Prague)
D. McCammond, BSc(QU Belfast), PhD (QU Belfast), FCSME, PEng
P. Milgram, BASc, MSEE (Technion), PhD, PEng
A. W. Neumann, BA, DR RER NAT (Mainz) Northrup Frye Scholar
J. C. Paradi, BASc, MASc, PhD, PEng (SSHRC/NSERC Industrial Research Chair in the Management of Technological Change), ChemE
M. J. M. Posner, BASc, PhD, PEng
J. S. Rogers, BSc (Dalhousie), MS (Stanford), PhD (Stanford), Peng
N. Sinclair, BASc (Toronto), MSE (Michigan), PhD (Michigan), PEng
J. K. Spelt, BASc (Toronto), MASc (Toronto), ME (Caltech), PhD, PEng
I. B. Turksen, BS (Pittsburg), MS (Pittsburg), PhD (Pittsburg), PEng
R. D. Venter, BSc (Rand.), MEng (MCM), PhD (MCM), PEng
J. S. Wallace, BSME, BA (Lehigh), MSE, PhD (Michigan), FSAE, PEng

Titled Professors
M. S. Fox, B.Sc., PhD (Carnegie-Mellon), FAAAI NSERC, Industrial Research Chair In Enterprise Integration
J. Mostaghimi, BSc (Sharif), MSc (Minnesota), PhD (Minnesota), PEng, FASME, Canada Research Chair in Advanced Coatings
H. E. Naguib, BSc (Alexandria), MEng (Academy of Science & Technology, Egypt), PhD (Toronto), PEng, Canada Research Chair of Smart & Functional Polymers
C. B. Park, BS (Seoul National University), MS (KAIST), PhD (MIT), PEng, FCSME, Canada Research Chair in Advanced Polymer Processing Technologies
C. A. Simmons, BSc Eng (Guelph), SM (MIT), PhD (Toronto), PEng, Canada Research Chair of Mechanobiology

D. M. Aleman, Baccalauriate, MSc, PhD (Florida), PEng
C. Amon, Licenciatura (Simon Bolivor) MS (MIT), ScD (MIT), FAAAS, FASEE, FASME, FIEEE, PE(VA), NAE
N. Ashgriz, BS (Carnegie-Mellon), MS (Carnegie-Mellon), PhD (Carnegie-Mellon), PEng
A. Bazylak, BE(Saskatchewan), MASc (Victoria), PhD (Victoria), PEng 
C. Beck, PhD (Toronto)
K. Behdinan, BEng (KN TOOSI), MASc (SHARIF), PhD (UVIC), PEng
B. Benhabib, BSc (Bogazici), MSc (Technion), PhD (Toronto), PEng
R. Ben Mrad, PhD (Michigan)
M. Bussmann, BASc (WAT), MASc (WAT), PhD (Toronto), PEng, FCSM
M. W. Carter, BMath (WAT), MMath (WAT), PhD (WAT)
T. Chan, BSc (UBC), PhD (MIT)
S. Chandra, BTech (Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur), MS (Vanderbilt), PhD (Cornell)
M. H. Chignell, BS (Canter), MS (Ohio), PhD (Canter)
A. Dolatabadi, MASc (Tehran), PhD (Toronto)
B. Donmez, BS (Bogazici), MS (Iowa), PhD (Iowa)
T. Filleter, BSc Eng. (Queen's), PhD (McGill)
A. Guenther, MS (Hannover), PhD (ETH)
M. Gruninger, BSc (Alberta), MSc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto)
G.A. Jamieson, BS (Illinois), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), PEng
O. Kesler, BSE (Penn), SM (MIT), ScD (MIT), Canada Research Chair of Fuel Cell Materials & Manufacturing
R. Kwon, PhD (Pennsylvania)
C. Lee, PhD (Michigan)
X. Liu, PhD, PEng (Toronto)
A. Mandelis, BS (Yale), MA (Princeton), MSc (Princeton), PhD (Princeton), FAPS
S. McCahan, BS (Cornell), MS (RPI), PhD (RPI), PEng
S. A. Meguid, BME (Cairo), MSc (Cairo), PhD (Manchester), PEng, CEng, FIMechE, MASME, MAIAA
J. Mostaghimi, BSc (Sharif), MSc (Minnesota), PhD (Minnesota)
G. Nejat, BASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), PEng
M. Sain, PhD, Dr.hc, FRSC (UK), FCAE, PEng
L. H. Shu, BS (Nevada), SM (MIT), PhD (MIT)
D. A. Sinton, BASc (Toronto), MEng (McGill), PhD (Toronto), FCSME, FASME
D. A. Steinman, BASc (Toronto), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), PEng
P. E. Sullivan, BSME (Clarkson), MSME (Clarkson), PhD (Queen's), PEng
Y. Sun, BS (Dalian), MS (Chinese Academy of Sciences), MS (Minnesota), PhD (Minnesota), PEng, FCSME, FEIC, FASME
M. Touchie, PEng, BASc (Toronto) and PhD (Toronto)
M. J. Thomson, BEng (McGill), MSc (Berkeley), PhD (Berkeley), PEng
L. You, BSc (Peking), MSc (Peking), PhD (CUNY)

Professors, Teaching Stream
J. Bazylak, BSc (Saskatchewan), PEng
D. M. Frances, BASc (Toronto), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto), PEng

Associate Professors
A. Bilton, BASc (Toronto), MS (MIT), PhD (MIT)
M. Consens, BEng (Uruguay), MSc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto)
E. Diller, BS (CWRU), MS (CWRU), PhD (CMU)
P. Lee, BSc (UBC), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto)
E. Montague, MS (Virginia Tech), PhD (Virginia Tech)
S. Sanner, BS (Carnegie Mellon), MS (Stanford), PhD (Toronto)
E. Young, BASc (Columbia), MASc (Columbia), PhD (Toronto)

Associate Professors, Teaching Stream
M. Mackay, BASc (Queen's), PhD (Toronto)

Assistant Professors
M. Alfred, PhD (Clemson)
F. Azhari, PhD (University of California), BSc (Isfahan University of Technology ) and MASc (UBC) PEng
E. Cohen, PhD (Toronto)
K. Golovin, BS (Cornell), PhD (Michigan)
E. B. Khalil, BS (American University of Beirut), MS (Georgia Tech), PhD (Georgia Tech)
A. Olechowski, BSc (MIT), PhD (MIT)
V. Sarhangian, PhD (Toronto)

Assistant Professors, Teaching Stream
M. Guerzhoy, BSc (Toronto), MSc (Toronto)
S. Aref, PhD (Auckland), MSc (Sharif University of Technology)
R. Carrick, BASc (Waterloo), MASc (Waterloo)
S. Colic, PhD (Toronto)
F. Jazinizadeh, BSc (McMaster), MSc (McMaster), MSc (McMaster)
J. Lam, PhD (Toronto), BMath (Waterloo) BBA (Laurier)

Adjunct & Status-Only Professors
S. Alavi, MSc (Ferdowsi University), PhD (Toronto)
S. Armstrong, BSc (Westminister), MA (Toronto)
N. Blessing, PhD (Stuttgart)
M. Bodur, PhD (University of Wisconsin-Madison), BS & BA (Bogazici University)
J. Bookbinder, BA (San Diego), MBA (Toronto), MS, PhD (California)
M. Cevik, BS, MS (Bogazici), PhD (Wisconsin-Madison)
P. Coppin, BA (Dallas), MFA (Carnegie Mellon) PhD (Toronto)
D. De Kee, PhD (Tulane University), FBIS, FCIC
E. Dalir, PhD (Toronto)
A. Deza, PhD (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
M. Duduta, BS (MIT), PhD (Harvard)
K. Eshghi, PhD (Toronto)
A. Farahmand, PhD (Alberta)
K. Farkas, MSc (Miskolc), PhD (Waterloo)
L. Fridman, PhD (York)
R. Gosine, B.Eng. (Memorial), PhD (Cambridge)
S. He, BSc, MASc, PhD (Harbin Institute of Technology), PhD (Toronto)
D. Higgins, PhD (Waterloo)
J. Hollands, BA (Waterloo), MA (Guelph), PhD (Toronto)
S. Jaffer, PhD (McMaster)
G. Karoubi, BASc, PhD (Toronto)
S. Ketabi, PhD (Adelaide, Australia), MSc (University of Isfahan), BSc (Tehran)
M. Khosroshahi, BSc (Lancaster), MSc (Swansea), PhD (Hull)
C. Kim, MSc, PhD (Alberta)
K.S. Kim, PhD
B. Laschowski, PhD (Waterloo)
P. Lea, PhD (Toronto), MSc (California), BSc (New York)
S.Y. Li
T. Looi, MASc, MBA, PhD (Toronto)
C. Moreau, BSc, MSc, PhD (Laval)
J. Moran, PhD (McMaster), Y. Zou, BEng (Beihang) (Beijing Univ. of Aero & Astro)
J. Naoum-Sawaya, PhD (Waterloo)
M. Nejad, PhD (Toronto)
L. O'Brien, BEng (Ryerson), MASc (Toronto), PhD (Concordia)
K. Oksman, PhD (Luleå University of Technology)
P. Rahman, MD (Memorial)
O. Romanko, PhD (McMaster), MASc (McMaster), MASc (Prague), BSc (Ukraine)
Z. Saadatnia, BSc (University of Science and Technology, Iran), MSc (Ontario Tech), PhD (Toronto)
A. Smiley, BSc (Western Ontario), MASc (Waterloo), PhD (Waterloo)
V. P. Schulz, PhD (Heidelberg)
D. Tandra, MBA (Georgia), MEng (Toronto), BEng (Indonesia)
T. Veres, PhD (Montreal)
D. Warnica, PhD (Waterloo), MSc(Minnesota), BASc (Waterloo)
H. Xie, PhD (London), MASc (Montreal), BA (Montreal), BA (China)
L. You, BSc (Peking), MSc (Peking), PhD (CUNY)


Faculty Teaching Awards

Faculty Teaching Award Recipient List

2022-2023       Professor Scott Ramsay (Materials Science & Engineering)
2021-2022       Professor Stephen Brown (Electrical & Computer)
2020-2021       Professor Costas Sarris (Electrical & Computer)
2019-2020       Professor Timothy Chan (Mechanical & Industrial)
2018-2019       Professor Jason Anderson (Electrical & Computer)
2017-2018       Professor Manfredi Maggiore (Electrical & Computer)
2016-2017       Professor Craig Simmons (Mechanical & Industrial, BME)
2014-2015       Professor Jason Foster (Engineering Science)
2013-2014       Professor Greg Evans (Chemical)
2012-2013       Professor Evan Bentz (Civil Engineering)
2011-2012       Professor Jonathan Rose (Electrical & Computer)
2010-2011       Professor James S. Wallace (Mechanical & Industrial)
2009-2010       Professor Ali Sheikholesmani (Electrical & Computer)
2008-2009       Professor John Carter (Electrical & Computer)
2007-2008       Professor Tarek S. Abdelrahman (Electrical & Computer)
2006-2007       Professor Raviraj Adve (Electrical & Computer)
2005-2006       Professor Frank Kschischang (Electrical & Computer)
2004-2005       Professor C.R. Ethier (Mechanical & Industrial)
2003-2004       Professor K.D. Pressnail (Civil)
2003-2004       Professor Z.G. Vranesic (Electrical & Computer)
2002-2003       Professor D.C.S. Kuhn (Chemical)
2001-2002       Professor B.W. Karney (Civil)
2000-2001       Professor A.N. Sinclair (Mechanical & Industrial)
1999-2000       Professor S. McCahan (Mechanical & Industrial)
1998-1999       Professor P.G. Gulak ((Electrical & Computer)
1997-1998       Professor G.T. Will (Civil)
1996-1997       Professor S.J. Thorpe (Metallurgy & Materials Science)
1995-1996       Professor T.C. Kenney (Civil)
1994-1995       Professor Y.L. Cheng (Chemical)
1993-1994       Professor A.W. Neumann (Mechanical)
1992-1993       Professor J.M. Lee (Metallurgy & Materials Science)
1991-1992       Professor M.V. Sefton (Chemical)
1990-1991       Professor W.L. Cleghorn (Mechanical)
1989-1990       Professor P.J. Foley (Industrial)
1988-1989       Professor A.S. Sedra (Electrical)
1988-1989       Professor M.P. Collins (Civil)
1987-1988       Professor I. McCausland (Electrical)
1986-1987       Professor D. Basmadjian (Chemical)
1985-1986       Professor W.H. Vanderburg (Industrial)
1984-1985       Professor W.H. Burgess (Chemical)
1984-1985       Professor D.G.B. Boocock (Chemical)
1983-1984       Professor D.F. James (Mechanical)

Early Career Teaching Award

2022-2023       Professor Elham Marzi (ISTEP)
2021-2022       Professor Marianne Touchie (Civil & Mineral, Mechanical & Industrial)
2020-2021       Professors Gisele Azimi (Chemical) & Chirag Variawa (ISTEP)
2019-2020       Professor Elodie Passeport (Civil & Mineral, Chemical)
2018-2019       Professor Arthur Chan (Chemical)
2017-2018       Professor Vaughn Betz (ECE)
2016-2017       Professor Matthew Mackay (Mechanical & Industrial)
2014-2015       Professor Scott Ramsay (Materials)
2012-2013       Professors Timothy Chan (Mechanical & Industrial) & Jason Anderson (Electrical & Computer)
2011-2012       Professor Micah Stickel (Electrical & Computer)
2010-2011       Professor Sean V. Hum (Electrical & Computer)
2009-2010       Professor Glenn Hibbard (Material Science & Engineering)
2008-2009       Professor Craig A. Simmons (Mechanical & Industrial)
2007-2008       Professor Hani Naguib (Mechanical & Industrial)
2006-2007       Professor Wei Yu (Electrical & Computer)
2005-2006       Professor Ali Sheikholeslami (Electrical & Computer)
2004-2005       Professor Evan Charles Bentz (Civil)
2003-2004       Professor D.P. Gauvreau (Civil)
2002-2003       Professor P. Aarabi (Electrical & Computer)
2001-2002       Professor R. Ben Mrad (Mechanical & Industrial)
2001-2002       Professor B. Abdulahi (Civil)
2000-2001       Professor C.M. Yip (BME)
1999-2000       Professor J.R. Long (Electrical & Computer)
1998-1999       Professor B. McCabe (Civil)

Early Career Teaching Award not issued for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Sustained Excellence In Teaching Award

2022-2023       Professor Ravi Adve (Electrical & Computer)
2021-2022       Professor Grant Allen (Chemical)
2020-2021       Professor Steven Thorpe (Materials)
2019-2020       Professor Mark Kortschot (Chemical)
2018-2019       Professor Frank Kschischang (Electrical & Computer)
2017-2018       Professor Graeme Norval (Chemical Engineering) 
2016-2017       Professor Will Cluett (Chemical Engineering)
2014-2015       Professor Jonathan Rose (Electrical & Computer)
2013-2014       Professor Glenn Gulak (Electrical & Computer)
2012-2013       Professor Tarek Abdelrahman (Electrical & Computer)   


Centres & Institutes


Director: Professor Emma Master 
Website: biozone.utoronto.ca

BioZone is a centre for environmental and industrial biotechnology that brings together researchers, students and industry partners to develop new technologies for the circular bioeconomy. We work to find solutions to optimize the use of natural resources, reuse waste material, remediate contaminated water and land, sustain robust and healthy ecosystems, curtail disease and offer renewable fuels and products that foster the long-term sustainability of our planet.

BioZone's mission is to advance and capitalize on the dramatic progress in genomics and computational biology, while focusing on urgent societal needs in energy, environment and health. BioZone researchers have particular expertise in environmental and industrial microbiology, enzymology, metabolic engineering, synthetic biology, computational biology, food engineering, process design and techno-economic assessment. 

BioZone's research facilities provide collaborative workspaces and instrumentation, and enable researchers to share knowledge, processes and equipment as they tackle difficult technical problems. The facility occupies the west wing of the upper two floors of the Wallberg Building (Chemical Engineering) at the University of Toronto, providing over 1,800 square metres of laboratory and research space. BioZone labs house a wide array of analytical instruments for molecular biology, protein purification and identification, enzyme kinetics, substrate and metabolite analysis, microscopy and cell growth. The facilities also include a state-of-the-art fee-for-service mass spectrometry facility, equipment for protein characterization, and 5 and 80L bioreactors for fermentation and biomanufacturing.

In 2019, BioZone launched the NSERC CREATE for BioZone, a centre for industrial biotechnology in the circular economy. The CREATE for BioZone is a training program that promotes open-science principles and provides postdoctoral fellows, graduate students and undergraduate students with training in data fluency, programing, entrepreneurship, knowledge translation, science communication and leadership.


Centre for Advanced Coating Technologies (CACT)

Director: Professor Javad Mostaghimi
Website: cact.utoronto.ca

The Centre for Advanced Coating Technologies (CACT) was established in 1998 as a collaborative effort by researchers from the departments of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science. The Centre now has over 35 researchers, including professors from both departments, research staff members, post-doctoral fellows, visiting scientists and graduate students.

CACT conducts fundamental and applied research — both computational and experimental — in the areas of thermal spray coating, plasma processing and plasma chemistry, advanced manufacturing, design of novel direct current (DC) plasma torches and radio frequency inductively coupled plasma (RF-ICP) torches.

CACT coating deposition facilities include atmospheric plasma spray (APS), vacuum plasma spray (VPS), high velocity oxygen-fuel (HVOF), twin wire-arc (TWA), cold spray (CS), aerosol deposition (AD), and radio frequency inductively coupled plasma (RF-ICP) torches.

CACT works closely with industry, universities, and research institutions. Research partners have included Pratt & Whitney Canada, Oerlikon-Metco, Sherwin-Williams, GE Global R&D, BMW, Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc., Perkin Elmer International, Fluidigm, Magna, and leading universities in Canada, United States, Japan, France, Italy and Germany.


Center for Advanced Diffusion-Wave & Photoacoustic Technologies (CADIPT)

Director: Professor Andreas Mandelis
Website: cadipt.mie.utoronto.ca

Diffusion waves: they go where no light has gone before!

At the core of the Center for Advanced Diffusion-Wave & Photoacoustic Technologies (CADIPT) are the unique diagnostic capabilities of diffusion waves and photoacoustics, which include a wide range of physical fields and phenomena: thermal, electronic, photonic, and environmental, to name a few. Photoacoustics is a field that encompasses conversion of optical (laser) energy to thermal, elastic, and acoustic/ultrasonic processes with wide applications in instrumentation, non-destructive/non-invasive diagnostics and sensor science, and technologies.  

CADIPT activities offer opportunities in interdisciplinary research that encompass physics, mathematics, engineering, instrumental implementation and applications of novel laser-based analytical inspection and monitoring techniques, high-precision measurement methodologies, environmental sensor development, analytical, non-destructive and spectroscopic methodologies, signal processing and measurement science and imaging techniques for industrial, environmental, materials science, and health sector applications.

For a full description of current CADIPT research, and research mission and objectives, please visit the CADIPT website.


Centre for Advanced Nanotechnology (CAN)

Director: Professor Harry E. Ruda
Website: sites.utoronto.ca/ecan

Nanotechnology is the multidisciplinary field of design, fabrication and application of nanometer-scale materials, structures and devices. The field may involve the disciplines of materials science, electrical, computer, and mechanical engineering, as well as chemistry, physics, mathematics, and biotechnology. Specifically, in semiconductor applications, nanotechnology refers to the technology for the fabrication of electronic and photonic devices with sizes that range from a few nanometers to the sub-micron range; these fields are commonly termed “nanoelectronics” and “nanophotonics,” respectively. Additionally, the term nanotechnology is also currently used to refer to the rapidly developing area of nano-electro-mechanical systems (NEMS), which have only just begun to show their promise for the fields of sensing, biotechnology, integrated optoelectronic, and fibre assemblies.

The Centre for Advanced Nanotechnology (CAN) is based on a multidisciplinary team of faculty and researchers from various departments including Applied Science & Engineering, Arts and Sciences, and Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. CAN is Canada’s first centre for nanotechnology research, and it is closely tied to industry and other key nanotechnology research institutions throughout the world.

The main objectives of the Centre, which was established in 1997, include advances in research in both theoretical and experimental methods for a new generation of nanoelectronic and nanophotonic materials, structures and devices; the education and training of a new generation of highly-qualified personnel for industry and academia; collaboration with other members of the academic and industrial community and the establishment of specialized resources and expertise in this expanding field for the scientific community and government.


Centre for Global Engineering (CGEN)

Director: Professor Amy Bilton 
Website: cgen.utoronto.ca

As a leading global institution, the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering strives to provide its faculty and students with the tools, opportunities, and partnerships to help address the world’s most intractable problems, including food insecurity, energy poverty, and lack of access to safe drinking water. The Centre for Global Engineering (CGEN) is a unique, multidisciplinary unit that works to bring engineering knowledge and talent at the University of Toronto together to solve some of these pressing challenges.

The curriculum of Global Engineering courses, certificates and fellowships offers undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to sharpen their fluencies in global development and provides them with an understanding of how they can drive social impact through technical innovation and community engagement. 

For those who are interested in obtaining real-world practical experience focused on Global Engineering, CGEN offers a number of highly sought-after capstone projects each year in partnership with NGOs, social enterprises and academic institutions worldwide. 

In the graduate stream, the Centre's multi-disciplinary and innovative research initiatives work to bring together researchers and resources necessary to develop appropriate and sustainable solutions for reducing global poverty. Finally, in an effort to pave career pathways for recent graduates who are passionate about social impact, CGEN partners with organizations at the forefront of global development, such as Engineering for Change, to offer U of T students and graduates paid summer fellowships.


Centre for Maintenance Optimization & Reliability Engineering (C-MORE)

Director: Professor Chi-Guhn Lee
Website: cmore.mie.utoronto.ca

The Centre for Maintenance Optimization & Reliability Engineering's (C-MORE) research is driven by close interactions with industry — in particular, with MORE consortium members and researchers at universities worldwide.

C-MORE's focus is on real-world research in engineering asset management in the areas of condition-based maintenance, spares management, protective devices, maintenance and repair contracts, and failure-finding intervals. These strong industry connections not only benefit the companies we work with but also with our graduate students, who find work in maintenance divisions of industry leaders after graduation.

We apply our research with prototype software tools that obtain valuable information from data in corporate databases. Two of these tools are now commercially available through the Ontario-based C-MORE spin-off company OMDEC and through industry leader and innovator in asset reliability solutions Ivara.


Centre for Management of Technology & Entrepreneurship (CMTE)

Director: Associate Professor Yuri Lawryshyn
Founder & Executive Director Emeritus: Professor Emeritus Joseph C. Paradi
Website: cmte.utoronto.ca

Established in 1991, the Centre for Management of Technology & Entrepreneurship (CMTE) has focused on bringing leading-edge problem solving and research innovation to the Canadian Financial Services Industry (FSI). The Centre is interdisciplinary and collaborative in nature. Today, more than ever, the pace of technological change is providing industry leaders unique opportunities to innovate and adopt new technologies. Through strategic partnerships with industry partners, the Centre is a focal point for the advancement of next-generation banking.

CMTE's goal is to provide the industry with quality, value added research-based practical work, related to three overlapping research areas, namely financial modelling, data mining/analytics, and machine learning, while at the same time, providing a unique, practical but challenging industry-related experience for our students. The Centre’s focused research areas allow for the development of innovative solutions to many FSI related applications, including financial modelling, market risk, operational risk, portfolio optimization, customer analytics, FinTech, productivity enhancement, cyber security, and bot applications.

The University of Toronto is at the forefront of technological innovation and is recognized as a world leader in artificial intelligence/machine learning. Through the Centre, industry partners gain access to the University’s world-class researchers. Furthermore, the Centre’s unique research management model ensures successful completion of projects both to the benefit of the students and the partners. Not only do students gain invaluable industry related experience, but they also develop important business skills. Accordingly, CMTE’s partners often gain significant benefits associated both from the research outcomes, as well as interactions with the students.

Since the Centre’s establishment, over 300 projects at all levels of complexity and intellectual challenge (BASc, MEng, MASc and PhD) have been completed. Graduates of the program are leading successful careers in finance, management, consulting, entrepreneurship and academia.


University of Toronto Robotics Institute

Director: Professor Tim Barfoot  
Website: robotics.utoronto.ca

The University of Toronto Robotics Institute is the largest, most diverse robotics research program in Canada. Through strong cross-divisional collaboration, the Institute brings together robotics researchers and students from Engineering, Computer Science, Medicine, and Architecture to design and develop trustworthy robots that inspire and ignite the imagination. 

Through collaboration with partner institutions and industry, the Robotics Institute offers undergraduate and graduate students unparalleled opportunities to expand their robotics knowledge and gain hands-on experience through cross-disciplinary training and co-supervision opportunities. 

The Institute also supports undergraduate and graduate degree programs, including the Engineering minor in robotics and mechatronics, Engineering Science major in robotics, the MEng graduate emphasis in robotics, and the Collaborative Specialization in Robotics for research-stream graduate students.


Institute for Studies in Transdisciplinary Engineering Education & Practice (ISTEP)

Director: Professor Greg Jamieson
Website: istep.utoronto.ca

Established in 2018, the Institute for Studies in Transdisciplinary Engineering Education & Practice (ISTEP) is the first institute of its kind in Canada, bringing together U of T Engineering’s strengths in leadership, technical communication, business and entrepreneurship, socio-technical thinking and learning for life. ISTEP provides holistic and innovative transdisciplinary engineering education, supporting students to amplify their positive impact after graduation and better tackle the world’s increasingly complex technical challenges. ISTEP is the academic home for the Engineering Communication Program (ECP), Troost Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering (Troost ILead), Collaborative Specialization in Engineering Education (EngEd), Certificate in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Small Business, Engineering Business Minor, and some first-year instruction.

At the undergraduate level, ISTEP’s faculty delivers courses to support and enrich student learning which can culminate in minors and certificates such as the Engineering Business Minor; the Certificate in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Small Business; the Certificate in Communication; the Certificate in Engineering Leadership; and the Certificate in Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Engineering. ISTEP works to integrate more opportunities for students to learn transdisciplinary competencies throughout the core curriculum of all undergraduate engineering programs.

At the graduate level, ISTEP’s faculty deliver the Collaborative Specialization in Engineering Education, the Prospective Professors in Training, the Graduate Communication Initiative, and OPTIONS programs along with courses in leadership and engineering education. 

In addition, ISTEP undertakes student co-curricular programming, academic and industry-focused research, as well as outreach to engineering educators and engineering-intensive enterprises.


Institute for Sustainable Energy (ISE)

Director (Acting) & Associate Director: Professor Timothy Bender
Administrator: Mandeep Rayat
Website: energy.utoronto.ca

The University of Toronto Institute for Sustainable Energy (ISE) is a catalyst that facilitates interactions and collaborations to advance the development of cleaner and more efficient energy in Canada. The motivation behind the Institute was to advance the tremendous amount of research already underway throughout the University in a wide variety of energy-related fields and to tackle the most challenging problems facing sustainable energy through a multidisciplinary approach.

The ISE is open to students, faculty, industry and government members involved in increasing energy efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of energy use and conversion, whether through new technologies, policy work, computational sustainability, materials science, or other routes.

The Institute is a focal point for energy research and cross-disciplinary collaborations. An increasingly important role for the unit is the coordination and administration of raising funding and connecting researchers to Canadian energy companies.


Institute of Biomedical Engineering (BME)

Director: Professor Milos R. Popovic 
Website: bme.utoronto.ca
Contact: undergrad.bme@utoronto.ca

Biomedical engineering aims to use engineering or physical science principles to solve biological and medical problems. The Institute is the largest biomedical engineering hub for education, research and community at the University of Toronto and in Canada. It is the only division that is managed by three different faculties — Applied Science & Engineering, Medicine and Dentistry. The diversity in education and research ecosystems equips our researchers with the ability to address pressing medical questions — ranging from fundamental mechanisms to clinical cases — and to build new companies. The Institute’s core laboratories are principally located in the Rosebrugh Building, Lassonde Mining Building, Donnelly Centre for Cellular & Biomolecular Research, MaRS Building and the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research on the St. George campus. Additionally, the Institute has Faculty with the Bloorview Research Institute, the research arm of the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital and the KITE Research Institute, University Health Network. 

There are over 100 faculty (core and cross-appointed) who conduct research in molecular, cell and tissue and clinical engineering. Faculty members lead state-of-the-art research in a series of emerging areas such as nanotechnology, systems biology, regenerative medicine, bioelectronics, and neural and rehabilitation engineering. The Institute offers two research graduate programs at the doctoral- and masters-level (PhD, MASc) in biomedical engineering and a one or two-year course-based professional Master of Engineering (MEng) program. Since an undergraduate degree in engineering is not a prerequisite for admission into the graduate programs, we have welcomed students with backgrounds in engineering, biology, medicine, chemistry, physics and psychology.

While the Institute does not have a full undergraduate program, several undergraduate student bodies are associated with the Institute. Students enrolled in the Division of Engineering Science can select the Biomedical Systems Engineering major. These students take courses in tissue engineering, imaging, control and other relevant topics in Biomedical Engineering. The second student body is the bioengineering minor program, where students can learn the basic principles of Bio and Biomedical Engineering.

Students who graduate from BME work in different industrial sectors (biotechnology, pharmaceutical, computer, marketing), government agencies and academia. Many of our students are involved in building start-up companies. Overall, there is a broad range of job opportunities for BME students.


Lassonde Institute of Mining

Director: Professor Lesley Warren
Website: lassondeinstitute.utoronto.ca

The Lassonde Institute of Mining is a world-leading interdisciplinary mining research institute at the University of Toronto. It is a global leader in innovative research across the spectrum of mining activities, from exploration and extraction, to processing and metallurgy. It aims to attract and train future leaders in mining research and use its researchers’ expertise to benefit the mining industry.

Institute personnel develop leading-edge solutions for the mining industry with a focus on sustainability. Comprised of an exceptional community of students, researchers, and engineers, the institute addresses the most important scientific problems facing mining. The Institute brings together mining, civil, materials, and chemical engineers, as well as geophysicists, geologists, geochemists, and environmental scientists, who conduct research that crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries.

By training and cultivating the people who will help find solutions to the greatest contemporary mining problems, and by contributing the ideas and pioneering the practical technologies that will make the difference, the Lassonde Institute of Mining fulfills its obligation as a world-leading centre.

The Institute was created with the financial assistance of the Canadian minerals industry, and in particular Dr. Pierre Lassonde, as well as with support from the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.


Pulp & Paper Centre

Director: Assistant Professor Nikolai De Martini
Website: pulpandpaper.utoronto.ca

A strategic material produced from a renewable resource; paper is critical to our civilization. Paper has been of paramount importance in the transmission and storage of information necessary to science and literature. It has also enabled the creation of modern business and industry. Even in the modern world, paper, in partnership with electronic information systems, is essential. Wood pulp is a raw material not only for paper but for thousands of structural, absorbent and packaging products that are so completely embedded in our lives that we often overlook them. Canada is one of the largest suppliers of pulp and newsprint and has a long tradition of scientific and technological leadership. These factors make our country a major force in the pulp and paper world. 

The Pulp & Paper Centre at the University of Toronto, which exists within the umbrella of the Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry, was founded in 1987. Although the Centre has grown and changed with the challenges that face the industry, its mission since inception has been to stimulate research and support teaching in pulp and paper science and engineering, and to encourage collaborative research with industry partners. Since its beginnings, the Centre has worked on fundamental topics in a wide range of areas from energy and chemical recovery to bleaching and the environment to paper science. Most of the research work has been supported by industrial consortia where groups of companies (up to 25) provide technical, professional and financial support to teams of faculty and their students from a range of different disciplines. The Centre is well known for this very successful consortium model that brings together industry and government for high quality research and training for students.

Perhaps the best examples of the consortium model are the Energy and Chemical Recovery Consortium, a consortium that has run for over 35 years and continues to this day. The Centre has hosted a continuous series of 12 university-industry research consortia that have traditionally focused on energy and chemical recovery and have more recently broadened in focus to include pulp mill effluent treatment, as well as biofuel combustion and biorefinery research projects which seek to convert forest biomass and mill waste into alternative sources of energy. This work has increased the competitiveness of the Canadian pulp and paper industry and its suppliers by improving energy and chemical recovery efficiency, improving operational safety, increasing equipment reliability and efficiency, increasing utilization of biofuels, reducing environmental impact and lowering the carbon footprint. This long-lasting partnership has supported the research of many professors, researchers and students and, over the years, has engaged over 20 different companies. The present consortium on Effective Energy and Chemical Recovery in Pulp and Paper Mills, led by Professor Nikolai DeMartini, involves 14 professors, 20 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from three university departments and 22 industry partners. 

The Centre continues to enrich students’ educational experiences through interesting and relevant research projects, seminars, professional development programs, annual research meetings and international exchanges. Technical and engineering problems are illuminated, and rigorous research methodologies are applied to investigate underlying critical phenomena. This has made the University a significant source of expertise for the pulp and paper industry, for its suppliers in Canada and around the world, and has created a unique learning environment for students.


Southern Ontario Centre for Atmospheric Aerosol Research (SOCAAR)

Director: Professor Greg Evans
Website: socaar.utoronto.ca

The Southern Ontario Centre for Atmospheric Aerosol Research (SOCAAR) is an interdisciplinary research centre that is hosted in the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering and dedicated to the study of air quality with a focus on the effects of air pollutants on human health, the environment, and climate. 

SOCAAR promotes collaborative research through its state-of-the-art facilities and partnerships with government and industry. Additionally, the Centre offers the opportunity for student involvement at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Recent research projects include exposure of urban populations to particulate matter, the toxicity of vehicle emissions, the potential of pollutants to cause oxidative stress, and the development of novel methods to analyze atmospheric pollutants.


Toronto Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Centre & Testbed

Director: Professor Baher Abdulhai
Website: uttri.utoronto.ca/research/research-facilities/its-centre-and-testbed

The University of Toronto houses the Toronto Intelligent Transportation Systems Centre & Testbed (ITS). ITS is a global phenomenon that combines a broad range of diverse technologies that are applied to transportation to save lives, money and time. 

ITS cuts across disciplines such as transportation engineering, telecommunications, computer science, economics, electronic and automobile manufacturing, to name a few. ITS is not restricted to civil engineers or a single department or agency. Instead, the field includes a number of departments, agencies and jurisdictions and a rapidly expanding worldwide market. 

Access to this market is vital to transportation and related technology sectors. In addition to direct transport benefits, a healthy ITS industry also has a number of non-traffic-related societal benefits, which include the stimulation of new information technology-based industries and the creation of new markets and jobs. ITS is more than just intelligent solutions on the road. It is a strategic direction for national and international economies. 

To train the next generation of ITS professionals, the University of Toronto offers a comprehensive ITS research and development program, which includes the ITS Testbed. The Testbed is composed of a University-based R&D centre equipped with capabilities for designing traffic analysis and decision-support tools and real-time traffic control methods. 

The Testbed is designed to be a meeting ground for practitioners and researchers from the public, academic and private sectors to research new approaches to transportation systems management and to accelerate ITS deployment through advanced technology research.


Toronto Nanofabrication Centre (TNFC)

Director: Professor Wai Tung Ng
Website: tnfc.utoronto.ca

The Toronto Nanofabrication Centre (TNFC) is an open-access interdisciplinary research prototyping and testing facility at the University of Toronto. The Centre offers access to state-of-the-art nanofabrication facilities, collaborative research networks, advanced educational opportunities, and information exchange events for registered users and clients.

Technical staff at TNFC maintain the facilities, instruct, assist, and provide nanofabrication services for academics and industrial clients. Key research areas supported by TNFC include lab-on-a-chip fabrication, microfluidics, micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), photonic materials and devices, integrated optics, nano-plasmonics, photovoltaic devices, complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) processes, micro/nano-electronic devices, power semiconductor devices, nanomaterial synthesis, quantum computing and spintronic devices.

TNFC is an important on-campus hub for prototype development and fabrication. In 2023, TNFC re-opened the newly renovated Pratt Nano/Microfabrication Facility, with an expanded fabrication cleanroom and testing area. The Pratt Facility houses comprehensive state-of-the-art Nano/Microfabrication, characterization, and test equipment. In combination with the Wallberg Electron Beam Nanolithography Facility, featuring ultra-fine sub-10nm resolution, TNFC has the capability to serve a wide range of research needs.

TNFC provides a unique, valuable service to researchers and students involved in nano/microfabrication fields. As an open-access facility, the Centre offers dedicated technical support, including process development consultation and equipment training sessions, enabling students and other researchers to fulfil their research objectives and enhance their education. With a user base of over 60 principal investigators and over 300 users (mostly graduate research students) across 30 departments within the University of Toronto and external institutions/organizations, TNFC continues to be an essential resource for regional and national research communities.


Troost Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering (Troost ILead)

Academic Director: Professor Emily Moore 
Website: ilead.engineering.utoronto.ca

The Troost Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering (Troost ILead) provides transformative learning opportunities so that students and professionals can develop the leadership skills necessary for success in their future endeavours. We empower the whole engineer to maximize their potential and contribution.

Troost ILead undertakes student co-curricular programming, academic and industry-focused research, undergraduate core-curriculum integration, undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as outreach to engineering leadership educators and engineering-intensive enterprises.

The world demands engineers who are successful problem solvers who are empowered to tackle complex, global issues. Leadership education allows individuals and groups to contribute more effectively to engineering and social innovation. Troost ILead's vision: Engineers leading change to build a better world. 


University of Toronto Institute for Multi-Disciplinary Design & Innovation (UT-IMDI)

Director: Professor Kamran Behdinan
Website: imdi.mie.utoronto.ca

The University of Toronto Institute for Multi-Disciplinary Design & Innovation (UT-IMDI) was officially established in 2012 with Dr. Kamran Behdinan as its founding director. The aim of UT-IMDI is to create, in partnership with industry, a unique project-based-learning (PBL) environment in partnership with industry.

UT-IMDI provides undergraduate and graduate students with real-life training opportunities by involving them in practical, industry-based projects. It is a vehicle to promote awareness of design and development challenges facing the industry with emphasis on its multi-disciplinary nature and evolving technology. 

Through the networking opportunities provided by the Institute, students develop links with industry, and, as a result, better position themselves for future careers. The design experience gained from the Institute is complementary to the experience gained through the capstone design courses.


University of Toronto Transportation Research Institute (UTTRI)

Director: Professor Eric Miller 
Website: uttri.utoronto.ca

The University of Toronto Transportation Research Institute (UTTRI) brings the formidable depth and breadth of the University of Toronto's research to bear on real-world urban transportation problems from perspectives of engineering, physical and social sciences, architecture and humanities. As a solution-oriented think-tank, it fills a critical gap between traditional academic basic research, professional consulting and public sector transportation planning, and operations. 

Building upon the research expertise and working relationships with both the public and private sectors, UTTRI seeks solutions to pressing problems facing our cities, such as cost-effective suburban transit systems, politically acceptable road pricing systems for network performance, dynamic real-time control of road and transit systems for capacity maximization, improved urban logistics systems for goods movements, improved urban and street design for walking and cycling, and more.

How cities are designed, built and operated will directly determine their economic prosperity, environmental sustainability, health and social well-being. Major transportation challenges can be solved, and major new opportunities can be exploited only through the coordination and integration of multiple areas of research.

UTTRI's mandate is to provide the coordination and integration needed to support large-scale, high-impact research, provide the foundation for a comprehensive central hub for transportation-related research at the University of Toronto and support research partnerships the University establishes with other institutions around the world.