Successful completion of an Engineering Certificate is included on transcripts. Note that no course counted for degree credit can be counted for more than one minor or certificate.

This certificate was designed for Engineering undergraduates interested in exploring the intersection between music, technology and engineering. This certificate is open to any student completing an undergraduate degree in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering.

Through our partnership with the Faculty of Music, we are able to provide access to a number of technical courses normally only open to their students.

Due to the nature of these courses and the requirements set by the CEAB, there are courses within this program that are only eligible for Free Elective (FE) or Extra course status (EXT). Thus students wishing to pursue this minor must be prepared to be taking on course work above and beyond their degree requirements. ECE446 and Technical courses from the Faculty of Music may be requested as Technical Elective Substitutions (TES) for a student's degree program, subject to the approval of the student's home department.

Students pursuing the Certificate in Music Technology must successfully complete a minimum of 3 courses (1.5 FCE) as follows:

Core Courses   Lect. Lab. Tut. Wgt.
TMU111H1: Introduction to Computer Applications in Music F/S/Y - - - 0.00
One of:          
ECE446H1: Sensory Communication F 3 1.50 - 0.50
TMU130H1: Music Theory I F/S - - - 0.50

Electives   Lect. Lab. Tut. Wgt.
One of:          
HMU111H1: Introduction to Music & Society F/S - - - 0.50

MUSXXXH1: Any cultural or historical MUS course from FAS, excluding vocal or instrumental performance courses

F/S       0.50
TMU131H1: Music Theory 2 F/S - - - 0.50
TMU313H1: Introduction to Music Recording F/S - - - 0.50
TMU319H1: Electroacoustic Music I F/S - - - 0.50
TMU330H1: Live Coding: Digital Audio in Real Time F/S - - - 0.50
TMU406H1: Max/MSP F/S - - - 0.50

Note: Availability of the courses (including the foundational courses) for timetabling purposes is not guaranteed; the onus is on the student to ensure compatibility with their timetable.

Note on Electives: The Faculty of Music updates the list of MUS courses offered each year. A final list of MUS electives eligible for the academic year will be posted on the Minors web site in May.