Successful completion of an Engineering Certificate is included on transcripts. Note that no course counted for degree credit, can be counted for more than one minor or certificate.

The Forestry faculty at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and design have expertise in sustainable resource management and bio-economics, sustainable energy production, green manufacturing and sustainable communities. This grouping of courses developed for engineering students reflects the strong interconnections between their work and various branches of Engineering. The Certificate provides recognition for a demonstrated focus in renewable resources. Students in all disciplines are eligible to participate in this Certificate.

Students pursuing the Certificate in Renewable Resources Engineering Leadership must successfully complete a minimum of 3 courses from the list outlined below:

Courses   Lect. Lab. Tut. Wgt.
Choose three of:          
CHE475H1: Biocomposites: Mechanics and Bioinspiration S 3 - 1 0.50
CIV544H1: Design of Timber Structures S 3 - 2 0.50
FOR308H1: Discovering Wood and its Role in Societal Development F 3 - 1 0.50
FOR421H1: Green Urban Infrastructure: Sustainable City Forests F 2 - - 0.50
FOR424H1: Innovation and Manufacturing of Sustainable Materials S 2 - 1 0.50
FOR425H1: Bioenergy and Biorefinery Technology S 2 - 2 0.50


  • Availability of the courses (including the foundational courses) for timetabling purposes is not guaranteed; the onus is on the student to ensure compatibility with their timetable.
  • Students must secure approval from their home department before selecting any elective outside their departmental approved list.
  • If a student is pursuing both the Renewable Resources Engineering Certificate and a Minor that lists the course, the courses listed above can only be counted towards either the certificate or the minor, not both.