CHE375H1: Engineering Finance and Economics


This course consists of three modules: 1) managerial accounting, 2) corporate finance and 3) macro economics. The first module, managerial accounting, will consist of an introduction to financial statements and double entry recordkeeping, then delve deeper into aspects of revenue, expenses, assets, debt and equity.The second module, corporate finance, will introduce the concept of risk and return, and the Capital Asset Pricing Model, and then delve deeper into capital budgeting, corporate financing, financial statement analysis and financial valuation. The third model, macro economics, will introduce global aspects of business, including economic, political, societal and technological, then discuss factors such as GDP, inflation, unemployment, interest rates, foreign exchange rates, fiscal debt/surplus and balance of payments, and their impact on the financials of a given country.

42.7 (Fall), 42.7 (Winter), 85.4 (Full Year)