ECE201H1: Electrical and Computer Engineering Seminar


This seminar introduces second year students to the various career pathways within the field of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Instructors from various areas will talk about third and fourth year ECE courses in weekly seminars to guide students with the selection of upper year courses. The course also offers talks and advice to aid students transitioning into second year, as well as enhance students' skills such as stress management and time management. This course will be offered on a credit/no credit basis. Credit will not be given to students who attend fewer than 70% of the seminars. Students who receive no credit for the course must re-take it in their 3F session. Students who have not received credit for this course at the end of their 3F session will not be permitted to register for their 3S session.

11.8 (Fall), 12.8 (Winter), 24.6 (Full Year)