ECE295H1: Hardware Design and Communication


Introduction to engineering design processes for hardware systems. In addition to familiarizing students with hardware design practices, tools, and skill sets, it also aims to develop effective oral and written communication in a team context. Principles of engineering design, project management and teamwork are developed and applied as students work in teams to create and implement a complex hardware system comprising analog and digital electronic circuits. Students learn how to synthesize, prototype, and assemble designs realized using printed circuit board technology, as well as how to test them using modern measurement equipment. They learn about computer-aided design (CAD) and other development tools including those for electronic circuit simulation, schematic capture, board layout, version control (git), and instrument control. Students develop and apply communication skills by preparing a variety of documents and presentations, including proposals, status reports, design reviews, and presentations. ​

35.4 (Fall), 38.4 (Winter), 73.8 (Full Year)