ESC472H1: Electrical and Computer Capstone Design


A half-year capstone design course in which students work in small teams to apply the engineering design, technical, and communication skills learned previously, while refining their skills in teamwork and project management. Each team is expected to design a complex engineered system, implemented (a) fully in software, (b) fully in hardware or (c) in a mixture of hardware and software, using concepts drawn from the ECE Major curriculum and resulting in a functional prototype. Teams are expected to integrate their design, technical, and complementary knowledge, to design for safety, and to consider relevant interdisciplinary factors such as economic, health, environmental, social, and similar concerns.

In addition, each student will complete an individual critical reflection on their course activities, team performance, and on their growth as an engineering designer across their undergraduate program. This reflection is intended to prepare the student for the next stage of their engineering career

48.8 (Fall), 48.8 (Winter), 97.6 (Full Year)