FOR308H1: Discovering Wood and its Role in Societal Development


Humanities and Social Science elective

Trees and their components have been used through the centuries for shelter, heat, entertainment, weapons, sport, furnishings, communication, food and medicines. This course explores the co-evolution of nature and culture by examining the social and economic impacts that the forest and its exploitation had in the development of societies throughout the ages. Focus will be on the cultural history of wood and products derived from it and its influence on developing societies from biblical times to modern day. The course will examine how wood's versatility and usefulness in varied applications has been discovered by society as needs for survival to austerity develop. The unique properties of woody materials will be examined to expose its ability to meet the varied demands of societies throughout the ages. This course will allow students to explore the place and role of wood derived products in sustainable society.

42.7 (Fall), 42.7 (Winter), 85.4 (Full Year)