MIE354H1: Business Process Engineering


This course focuses on understanding multiple perspectives for grouping, assessing, designing and implementing appropriately integrated and distributed information systems to support enterprise objectives. The emphasis is on understanding how Business Process Management techniques and tools can contribute to align an organization's business and information technology perspectives, as well as the characteristics of application and system types and the implications for their design, operation and support of information needs, including those associated with different platforms and technology infrastructure e.g., legacy systems, client/server, the Internet and World Wide Web including the emergence of a web-service-based service oriented architecture. Students will work in the laboratory to develop business processes that can be specified and executed by information systems supporting BPEL, a widely supported standard for describing web-service-based business process.

MIE253H1 or permission of the instructor
47.2 (Fall), 51.2 (Winter), 98.4 (Full Year)