MSE218H1: Phase Transformations


A key part of MSE is focused on explaining how material systems transform from one condensed phase to another. These phase transformations are a critical aspect of understanding the behaviour of a material. MSE 218 builds on the thermodynamics and phase stability of MSE 202 and runs in parallel to the rates of transformation seen in MSE 217. In MSE 218 we will consider phase transformations in one component, two component, and multicomponent systems. We will look at both diffusional and diffusionless transformations, focusing on the nucleation and growth aspects of each case. Specific examples will include: solidification, precipitation, recrystallization, spinodal, massive, and order-disorder transformations. Both experimental and computational labs will be used to outline specific transformations in more depth.

42.7 (Fall), 42.7 (Winter), 85.4 (Full Year)