Successful completion of an Engineering Certificate is included on transcripts. Note that no course counted for degree credit, can be counted for more than one minor or certificate.

Since the dawn of the industrial revolution, engineers have been among the most successful entrepreneurs, and this is especially true in today’s global economy. The enormous growth of the e-Economy has enabled many young people to be successful even earlier than the previous generation did. Wealth creation is a legitimate aspiration today and many of you will be successful in this endeavor. Furthermore, strategic uses of technology in all sorts of businesses make the difference between success and failure for these firms. The entrepreneurial spirit together with drive and persistency are requirements for success. Also, to participate effectively in this global economy, large and medium sized corporations are desperately seeking entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial individuals who prefer to work inside a larger firm rather than to start or run their own business. Owning a business has many advantages. Entrepreneurs can control their own lives, structure their own progress, be accountable for their own success and can see the fruit of their labours in the wealth they create. After all, engineers are the most capable people to be in the forefront of this drive which will depend on the online e-Business environment fostered by the Internet and the Web in the new millennium. The development of these talents is addressed in a set of two courses but be forewarned that these courses require a substantial effort on the part of the student and the instructors. They are unusual in that, to be accepted into them, a student has to possess some of the prerequisite personality traits and some unique abilities required to become a successful entrepreneur.

Prior to being accepted into TEP234H1, a short test is offered to those who believe that they have the drive and talents to start their own business. TEP234H1 is available in the Fall semester in any but the first year of study. TEP432H1 is offered in the Winter and can be taken in the same or a later year. The courses are sequential and the first is the prerequisite of the second.

The following are the required certificate courses:

Required Lect. Lab. Tut. Wgt.
TEP234H1: Entrepreneurship and Small Business F 4 - 1 0.50
TEP432H1: Entrepreneurship and Business Management S 4 - 1 0.50

Economics Elective Lect. Lab. Tut. Wgt.
Choose one of:
CHE249H1: Engineering Economic Analysis F 3 - 1 0.50
CHE374H1: Economic Analysis and Decision Making F 3 - 1 0.50
CME368H1: Engineering Economics and Decision Making F 3 - 1 0.50
ECE472H1: Engineering Economic Analysis & Entrepreneurship F/S 3 - 2 0.50
MIE358H1: Engineering Economics F 3 - 1 0.50


Students may only receive credit on their transcript for one of the Engineering Business Certificate or the Entrepreneurship Certificate, or the Engineering Business Minor.