APS330H1: Interdisciplinary Studies for Sustainability & Innovation: How to Change the World


This is an interdisciplinary and multi-university project-based course focused on positively impacting the complex sustainability challenges faced by real-world communities around the world. Throughout this course, students work in small (three to five person) interdisciplinary and multi-university teams in order to (1) identify and understand a well-defined sustainability (social and/or environmental) problem faced by a real-world community, and then (2) devise, design and propose an implementable idea for positively impacting that problem. During the course, students are provided with multiple facilitated and structured opportunities to: engage directly with local stakeholders from the community their team is focused on; receive mentorship from a global network of experienced sustainability and innovation experts; and collaborate with a diverse array of students from other disciplines and institutions working on similar sustainability problems with other communities around the world.

Admission to this course will be by application, which will be available starting in June. Initial round of applications will be reviewed prior to the course enrollment date and on an periodic basis after that if spaces become available.

Must have completed at least 10.0 FCE in their current engineering degree program prior to the start of the course. Approval of the student's application for the course.
36.6 (Fall), 36.6 (Winter), 73.2 (Full Year)