APS530H1: Appropriate Technology & Design for Global Development


Engineering design within the context of global society, emphasizing the needs of users in order to support appropriate, sustainable technology. A design project will comprise the major component of the course work. The course will take the approach of "design for X". Students are expected to be familiar with design for functionality, safety, robustness, etc. This course will extend the students' understanding of design methodologies to design for "appropriateness in developing regions". Readings and discussions will explore the social, cultural, economic, educational, environmental and political contexts in which third world end users relate to technology. Students will then incorporate their deepened understanding of this context in their design project. The projects will be analyzed for functionality as well as appropriateness and sustainability in the third world context. Upon completion of the course, students should have a deeper appreciation of the meaning of appropriate technology in various international development sectors such as healthcare, water & sanitation, land management, energy, infrastructure, and communications in both urban and rural settings.

36.6 (Fall), 36.6 (Winter), 73.2 (Full Year)