CME499Y1: Individual Project


Individual Projects are arranged between the student and a supervising faculty member. The individual project can have either a design project focus or a research focus. If the focus is on design then the design project can be either motivated by the CIV498H1">CIV498H1 Group Design Project experience, or it can be entirely new. The student's work must culminate in a final design report or a thesis, as well as an oral presentation. The grading of both the final written submission as well as the oral presentation is carried out by the supervising faculty member. The Individual Project may be undertaken in either the Fall (F) or Winter (S) Session, but not both (i.e., the Individual Project carries a maximum weight of 0.5; it cannot be made into a full year course)

18.3 (Fall), 18.3 (Winter), 36.6 (Full Year)