ECE314H1: Fundamentals of Electrical Energy Systems


High-efficiency energy conversion via switched-mode power electronic circuits: design and steady-state modeling of DC/DC converters, DC/AC converters using pulse-width modulation. Transistor switch realization and basic efficiency analysis in power electronic converters. AC power quality and power factor, including non-sinusoidal currents. Energy conversion via magnetic devices: Faraday's law for time varying fields, characterization of hysteresis and eddy current losses in magnetic materials, modelling of magnetic circuits, transformer and inductor modelling and design. Introduction to electromechanical energy conversion: Lorentz Force, concepts of energy, co-energy, forces between ferromagnetic materials carrying flux, simple magnetic actuators, introduction to synchronous machines.

51.9 (Fall), 51.9 (Winter), 103.8 (Full Year)