ESC102H1: Praxis II


Praxis II develops the models and tools of design, communication, teamwork, and professionalism introduced in Praxis I. The course also introduces additional complementary considerations including ethics and equity. In Praxis II students work primarily in small teams to develop and refine their knowledge and skills in through a combination of active lectures, structured interactive studios, and hands-on practical sessions. The design projects in Praxis II are scoped to communities within the broader City of Toronto. Student teams are responsible for identifying and engaging with these communities, and for first framing and then resolving a collaboratively identified opportunity.Praxis II culminates in a public showcase where teams present and demonstrate their designs to their stakeholders and to the general public. Praxis II also continues to support students as they integrate more fully into the Engineering Science learning community. All courses within the Foundation Design sequence use engineering design to provide a context in which students integrate their knowledge, develop their emerging engineering identity, and codify their individual approach to engineering practice.

54.9 (Fall), 54.9 (Winter), 109.8 (Full Year)