ESC204H1: Praxis III


Praxis III is the capstone course of the Engineering Science Foundation Design sequence. It challenges students to extend and apply the models of engineering design, communication, teamwork, and professionalism introduced and developed in Praxis I and II to engineering design in a complex collaboration setting. Students integrate the design, technical, and complementary knowledge gained across the Engineering Science Foundation curriculum in the context of a single, major, mechatronic design project.

Teams in Praxis III choose from a curated set of opportunity areas that integrate technical, complementary, and optionally, multidisciplinary, considerations. They are responsible both for framing a specific opportunity within their chosen area and for developing a valid design idea for the opportunity supported by a mechatronic prototype. Praxis III culminates in a public showcase where teams present their design process and outcomes to an external audience. All courses within the Foundation Design sequence use engineering design to provide a context in which students integrate their knowledge, develop their emerging engineering identity, and codify their individual approach to engineering practice.

48.8 (Fall), 48.8 (Winter), 97.6 (Full Year)