MIE191H1: Seminar Course: Introduction to Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


This is a seminar series that will preview the core fields in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. Each seminar will be given by a professional in one of the major areas in MIE. The format will vary and may include application examples, challenges, case studies, career opportunities, etc. The purpose of the seminar series is to provide first year students with some understanding of the various options within the Department to enable them to make educated choices for second year. This course will be offered on a credit/no credit basis. Students who receive no credit for this course must re-take it in their 2S session. Students who have not received credit for this course at the end of their 2S session will not be permitted to register in session 3F.

12.2 (Fall), 12.2 (Winter), 24.4 (Full Year)