MIE221H1: Manufacturing Engineering


Production Fundamentals: Metal casting; metal forming - rolling, forging, extrusion and drawing, and sheet-metal forming; plastic/ceramic/glass forming; metal removal - turning, drilling/ boring/reaming, milling, and grinding; non-traditional machining - ECM, EDM and laser cutting; welding; surface treatment; metrology. Environmental issues in manufacturing processes, recycling of materials. Automation Fundamentals: Automation in material processing and handling - NC, robotics and automatically-guided vehicles; flexible manufacturing - group technology, cellular manufacturing and FMS; and computer-aided design - geometric modelling, computer graphics, concurrent engineering and rapid prototyping.

Instruction and assessment of communication centered around course deliverables that will form part of an ongoing design portfolio.

54.9 (Fall), 54.9 (Winter), 109.8 (Full Year)