MIE504H1: Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics


The course is designed for Students with no or little Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) knowledge who want to learn CFD application to solve engineering problems. The course will provide a general perspective to the CFD and its application to fluid flow and heat transfer and it will teach the use of some of the popular CFD packages and provides them with the necessary tool to use CFD in specific applications. Students will also learn basics of CFD and will use that basic knowledge to learn Fluent Ansys CFD software. Most CFD packages have a variety of modules to deal with a specific type of flow. Students will be introduced to different modules and their specific applications. They will then be able to utilize the CFD package to simulate any particular problem. Ansys software will be the commercial package that will be used in this course. Ansys Fluent is the most common commercial CFD code available and most of the engineering companies use this code for their research & development and product analysis.

61 (Fall), 61 (Winter), 122 (Full Year)