MIE509H1: AI for Social Good


The issue of design and development of AI systems that have beneficial social impact will be discussed and analyzed. The focus will not be on the mechanics of AI algorithms, but rather on the implementation of AI methods to address societal problems. Topics to be covered will include: Safeguarding of human interests (e.g., fairness, privacy) when AI methods are used; partnering of humans and AI systems to implement AI effectively; evaluation of AI assisted interventions; practical considerations in the selection of AI methods to be used in addressing societal problems. The issues that arise in implementing AI for beneficial social impact will be illustrated in a set of case studies aimed at creating beneficial social impact. Class activities will include lectures, seminars, labs, and take-home assignments.

MIE223, MIE237, or an Introductory Machine Learning, or equivalent
CSC300H1 (Computers and Society)
48.8 (Fall), 48.8 (Winter), 97.6 (Full Year)