MIN400H1: Geology Field Camp for Engineers


At Geology Field Camp, students will learn to incorporate geological observations into their engineering data sets. The course will focus on the recognition of rock types in the field, mapping of geological structures related to mineralization of potential economic importance, and field measurement techniques for obtaining rock engineering data. Students will learn how to make geological observations that are of critical importance to their success as mineral engineers, and to foster a sense of excitement and curiosity about the rocks that form the physical environment within which they will work as professionals. The course will be taught in the Sudbury region where there are several operating mines, numerous excellent field exposures of rocks related to the formation of the impact-related Sudbury structure, inexpensive accommodations, as well as unrelated older rock sequences typical of Archean greenstone belts where much of Canada's mineral exploration takes place. Students attend the two week Geology Field Camp prior to the start of Fourth Year Fall Session.

45.7 (Fall), 49.6 (Winter), 95.3 (Full Year)