MIN466H1: Mineral Project Design I


Mineral Project Design is a two-part capstone course that draws on all course materials developed in the first three years of the Mineral Engineering Curriculum. The course will culminate in the design of a mining or civil rock engineering project. In the first half of the course (F) students perform individual detailed case history analyses. Additional instruction in technical aspects of communication is provided during both semesters (preparing and writing technical reports, industry research and analysis, presentation skills, as well as other technical elements as required). These skills will form a foundation for students to use in industry. Critical non-technical aspects of rock engineering projects will also be examined, and guest speakers will present on specialized topics such as: cultural and social effects of rock engineering projects on communities and the environment; economic planning and impact; ethical considerations; aboriginal land claims, etc.. The social license to operate will be emphasized. Students will receive a final grade at the end of each term course, but both courses must be taken in sequence. (MIN 467H1 S cannot be taken without successful completion of MIN 466H1 F)

47.2 (Fall), 47.2 (Winter), 94.4 (Full Year)