ECE318H1: Fundamentals of Optics


Geometric Optics: Spherical surfaces, lenses and mirrors, optical imaging systems, matrix method, and aberrations. Polarization: Polarizer and polarizations, anisotropic materials, dichroism, birefringence, index ellipsoid, waveplates, optical activity, Faraday effect. Interference: superposition of waves, longitudinal and transverse coherence, Young's double-slit experiment, Michelson and Fabry-Perot interferometer, thin-films. Diffraction and Fourier Optics: diffraction theory, single and double slits, diffraction gratings, spatial filtering, basic optical signal processing. (Background preparation in ECE320H1 F - Fields and Waves, or ECE357H1 S - Electromagnetic Fields, is strongly recommended.)

51.9 (Fall), 51.9 (Winter), 103.8 (Full Year)