ECE349H1: Introduction to Energy Systems


Design and steady-state modeling of DC/DC and DC/AC (single- and three-phase) converters using modified-square-wave and pulse-width modulation. Three-phase, balanced connections and analysis of harmonics via superposition. Modeling of non-ideal components in power electronic converters to determine practical conversion ratios and efficiency. Energy conversion based on magnetic field interactions: Faraday's law for time varying fields, characterization of primary loss mechanisms (hysteresis and eddy currents) in magnetic materials, magnetic circuit analysis, transformer and inductor modeling and design. Introduction to electromechanical energy conversion: Lorentz Force, calculation of electromechanical forces in conservative systems using energy and co-energy, simple magnetic actuators and sensors, introduction to synchronous machines.

51.9 (Fall), 51.9 (Winter), 103.8 (Full Year)