MIE440H1: * Design of Innovative Products

Fixed Credit Value

Recently developed methods applied at different stages of the design process include: Identification of unmet/underserved user needs through a modified definition of lead users (those who experience needs in advance of the mainstream population) including identifying/studying lead users, identifying which lead-user needs are relevant to the general population; Roles of function and affordance in successful products; Obstacles of fixation and cognitive bias to creativity; Concept generation methods including TRIZ/TIPS (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, use of unrelated stimuli and analogy (e.g., from biology); Configuration design methods including design for transformation, design for assembly and end-of-life, e.g., reuse, repair and recycling. Hands-on experience of these topics in lectures, tutorials, and labs support successful application of the methods for the course project, as well as future design activities.

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