MIE505H1: Micro/Nano Robotics


This course will not be offered for the 2022-23 academic year.

This course will cover the design, modeling, fabrication, and control of miniature robot and micro/nano-manipulation systems for graduate and upper level undergraduate students. Micro and Nano robotics is an interdisciplinary field which draws on aspects of microfabrication, robotics, medicine and materials science.

In addition to basic background material, the course includes case studies of current micro/nano-systems, challenges and future trends, and potential applications. The course will focus on a team design project involving novel theoretical and/or experimental concepts for micro/nano-robotic systems with a team of students. Throughout the course, discussions and lab tours will be organized on selected topics.

54.9 (Fall), 54.9 (Winter), 109.8 (Full Year)